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pirates plunder the ships

Plunder Like a Pirate with Words

Want to plunder and discover hidden treasures? Then all you need is the quick help of our Crossword Solver. Plunder is a word that will make you want to celebrate, though it has many varied meanings and applications. Experience the Crossword Solver and find all the variations with just a click.

review word game

Seconds to Success with Word Swipe

Word Swipe is a modern, easy-to-play word game. It is a game that helps you remember words you already know, by relating them to key topics. The simplicity of this game means that any player can experience it and advance through the levels. Simple swiping makes this one addictive and enjoyable game. Whether you have an Android or iOS device, you can enjoy what this game has to offer. Don’t waste a moment – start swiping today.

crossword clue sluggishly

Learn All the Answers for the Crossword Clue Sluggishly

Get more out of your crossword puzzle! We explain clues like SLUGGISHLY to you. It is an adverb used to describe an action done in a lethargic or slow manner. It’s derived from the verb “sluggish”, whose synonyms include tardy, lagging, slow, and lounging. Often the term conjures up images of a snail or slug; mollusks are insanely slow. But what answers are possible in your crossword puzzle? We tell you in our newest article!

how to play word chums like a pro

Quickly Learn How to Play Word Chums Like a Pro

The cutesy and lovable characters from Word Chums are enough to get you hooked on this amazing word game. This fun and brilliant word game draws some inspiration from the game Scrabble, with amazing differences that are truly enjoyable. Use a simple word generator to help you reach the top of the leaderboard.

title words story prison

Get out of the Prison with Words Story

Words Story is a game that is all about adventure. It revolves around uncovering the escape strategy of a prisoner who has been framed and wants to save himself. This brilliant game has more than 1000 levels and you do not need to worry about repeated words. Every single level is totally free and can be played on all devices. It is a game that both adults and kids can enjoy. Test your logic skills and try it out now.

wordsdom review

Get Word Swiping with Wordsdom

Wordsdom is an exciting, challenging, and addictive word puzzle game brought to you by Gaming Hippo. It follows a simple fill-the-word-boxes principle that focuses on your powers of deduction. There are more than 2000 levels to challenge you, with plenty for you to learn along the way. This free game can be played anywhere using your iPhone or Android device.

Crossword answers to percussion instrument

Sussing out Percussion Instrument Crossword Clues

Do you want to solve that challenging crossword in record time? It is possible with the help of our Crossword Solver. There are so many different types of percussion instruments for example. It’d be nearly impossible to know them all. Using our Crossword Solver makes it easier to narrow down the words and fill in your crossword.

Review Word Game App by People Fun

Word Stacks Adds a Whole New Dimension to Word Games

Word Stacks is a game that offers the latest word experiences. This game is brand new and helps build up your powers of deduction. It is simple; just fill in the little circles on the top of the board with words at each stage. Experience the chapters and levels of this game and brace yourself for hours of fun. You can play this game anywhere, as it is compatible on all devices. Take on the challenge and build some words right away.

the longest word in scrabble

Hit the High Score with the Longest Word in Scrabble

Most long words are worth more than 50 points, with many being worth between 300 and 400 points. There is one person in Ohio, Dan Stock, who not only figured out the longest word, but also the one with the most points. This word has yet to be played in a game of Scrabble, but it does help that he knows it exists. Just read on and we will tell you which word we are referring to!