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Crossword Jam: Anagrams Just Got a Lot More Fun

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The Crossword Jam journey begins with a simple swipe. This anagram game requires the player to swipe and create a word. PlaySimple Games are the creators responsible for this excellent game that offers more than 900 levels. These levels are split into category batches, with at least 52 categories for players to unearth. The more you play, the more challenging the game becomes. This is the ideal game to test out your vocabulary and build it up all at the same time.

how to play
How to play Crossword Jam.

Travel Around the World with Crossword Jam

Each category of the game is associated with a different country in the world. As you move from level to level, you will be able to identify the country with a landmark. Countries are divided into clumps as well – France and the United Kingdom are in a clump called “hiker” for example. Within each country, there are a number of levels that you need to accomplish. As a hiker, you will need to collect 20 points to move from the first country to the next, and then 40 points in the next country. The more countries you visit, the more numerous and intense the levels per country become.

A cool little tweak is the symbols that show which category you are in. When you are in the excursionist group the symbol is a motorbike and as you move to the next stage you will see a car.

destinations in crosword jam
Uncover different destinations.

All the Tips and Tricks of the Game

Within the game, there are certain tips and tricks that you can take advantage of to help you get ahead and win. You need to collect as many coins as possible to make moving from one level to the next much easier.

The first of these is the bonus jar. To fill in this jar, you need to be a word whiz. There are hundreds of words that can be created with the different letter combinations, but not all of these words will show up in the puzzle. When you create a valid word that is not in the puzzle, it does not go to waste. Instead, it goes into the bonus jar. As you complete the different levels, you have the chance to fill up the bonus jar. When it gets full, you will receive coins.

bonus words
Bonus jar full of coins

Another tip to getting more coins is to watch a few videos. With each video that you watch, you will get a certain number of coins. Videos are not available all the time though, so you need to keep checking to find out when there is a video that you can watch quickly.

watchin video in the app
Watch a video to earn coins.

Then there is the Quest Centre, designated by a symbol that looks like a little book with a tick. In this part of the game, you can earn extra coins by being interactive. Some of the things are pretty simple. You get a reward for playing a certain number of games within a short period of time. You could also share the game with your friends on different platforms for more coins. If you are a lover of gaming, there is an option to download another brilliant game from the developer to get a good stack of coins.

You can also try to jump-start your memory by rearranging the letters in the circle at the bottom of the screen. For this, you should press the shuffle button. You can press this button as many times as you like without spending any coins.

quests in crossword jam
Choices in the quest center

Rise to the Challenge with Challenge Words

The challenge word is a special word that appears in a puzzle though it is not always a part of the puzzle. It will appear as a number of boxes with stars on the side of the main puzzle. When the boxes are filled in, you will receive some additional bonus coins.

special words
How to find the challenge word.

Spend Your Coins to Help You Get Ahead

Just as there are different ways to get the coins, there are also a number of ways that you can spend them. The coins help you move through the levels faster. You can make use of a hint by selecting the lightbulb icon. When you do so, a letter will be placed in a random slot in the series of blank letter spaces.

The second trick that you can use is the pointer finger. With this one, you can select which exact box you would like to be revealed so that you can complete a word. Then there is the third trick, which uses a lightning box symbol. This one is best used at the very beginning of the puzzle. When you select it, it will fill in a total of six of the blank spaces. This makes the puzzle much easier to complete. In fact, this is just the trick you may need for the daily challenge.

The Unbeatable Daily Challenge Levels

Many word games have daily challenge levels, but the one in this game is amazing in comparison. It is known as the scrapbook, tying in well with the overall theme of the game. In each level, you will uncover a striking image once you finish creating the word. This image is accompanied by a description and facts that will help you learn while you are playing as well.

While playing the daily challenge, you will notice a little gingerbread man in the boxes. The aim is to make the words where the gingerbread man is placed. The more that you can complete, the more points you are able to accumulate as well.

daily game challenges
Play the daily challenge.

Swipe, Learn, Think, and Enjoy

The Crossword Jam is a game that anyone can play, as it focuses on your innate thinking skills. There are hundreds of levels to experience, so you can count on hours of fun. The country themes are unique, as is the way that they are arranged as you go through them. There is something to look forward to every day in the daily challenge.

game situation
Example for a game situation.
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