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Music Genre: All Around the World and in Your Crossword Puzzles

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Music is much more than classical, metal, rock and roll, and electronica. These are just the answers to many different clues. One example is the answer RANDB. Clues that could yield this answer include billboard chart category, Usher’s genre, jazz-influenced genre, and Brandy’s style to name a few. It is breaking down the clues that is a challenge.

With our crossword solver, you can find your answer in two ways. You could fill in RANDB and see whether a clue that matches it shows up. Or you could instead choose to write down the entire clue and then the answer will be clearly displayed.

From New Age to Metal

Another way is looking for a genre that matches the number of letters for the answer. If you decide to go this route, then you will look for music genres that have a total of 5 letters and then make your selection. Here are a few more music genres and their possible clues:

  • Soul – An interesting genre of music that could link to so many other topics. Clues may include words like courage, psyche, or anima. There are statements that can be linked to the clue as well, such as cuisine featuring collard greens and sweet potato pie or it weighs 21 grams, according to the movie “21 Grams”. You can also fill in the blanks like in “Chicken Soup for the ____”, “_____ on Ice”.
  • Calypso – This is one music genre that will make you feel like dancing, as it is so tropical. The clues could link to its origins, cultural style, and Greek mythology. Clues you may find include Caribbean music style, singing style for Belafonte, musical style from Trinidad and Nymph, who detained Odysseus.
  • Classic Gold Soca Calypso Of The Caribbean Of All Times mix by djeasy

  • Electronic pop – With a total of 13 letters. This may be one genre that is challenging to figure out. What could have you stuck in a puzzle is that there is normally only one clue and that is music genre. Being able to use the crossword solver means that you can solve this by just knowing the number of letters that are in the word.
  • Gospel – This is a genre of music that has so many possible connotations and clues that you will need to think hard to get the solution. Some of the clues are biblical in nature such as “God’s honest truth!”, church teachings or absolute truth. It could also be linked to music such as Mary, Mary musical genre, music by Kirk Franklin’s God’s Property choir, or Mahalia Jackson’s genre.

Discover a Whole New World of Music Genres

As you delve into music genre clues, you will find that there are some which you may have never heard of before. The crossword solver not only helps you fill in the gaps, but also helps you learn something in the process. Take for example musical genres from different countries. Here are a few clues:

  • Tokyo music genre – The answer here is JPOP. This abbreviation stands for Japanese Pop, which become more popular towards the 1990s. It was initially played by rock bands and is now a pop music phenomenon with a large cult following in Japan.
  • Hindu musical genre – The answer here is RAGA. This is a form of Indian classical music, also known as a mode. It stands out for being used in an improvised performance, whereby the notes and sounds produced are linked to emotions, seasons, times in a day and even Hindu deities. Melodies are created by musicians as they are being played, using the rules of the raga as a guide.
  • Anoushka Shankar - Indian Classical Raga

  • Caribbean music genre – The answer here is SKA or CALYPSO. Calypso is a multi-dimensional musical genre that is influenced by Mento, which is type of Jamaican folk music; the Benna in Antigua and Barbudo; and even Ska, which preceded reggae music. Calypso is native to Trinidad and features clever and catchy melodies.
  • Jamaican music genre – The answer here is SKA or REGGAE. Before there was reggae or rocksteady in Jamaica, there was Ska. This form of music started in the late 1950s, and it brings together Calypso, rhythm and blues, Caribbean Mento, and American Jazz. Despite its early origins, it has been able to successfully stand the test of time.
Best Reggae Hits of All Time | Classic Reggae and Dancehall Mix

Other Clues about Music Genre

There are some other more challenging clues that you may find in a puzzle. These include:

  • Coffeehouse music genre – The answer is FOLK. This is a traditional music genre that came to being during the folk revival in the 20th century. It brings together elements of rock, metal, and more, using mainly acoustic instruments.
  • Dixieland music genre – The answer is HOTJAZZ. The history of jazz is where you will find the origins of Dixieland. This genre originated from New Orleans and is often credited for being the early jazz. It uses mainly brass instruments like trumpets, trombones, and tuba. Other percussion instruments that you will find in this genre include the clarinet, banjo, drums, and the piano.
  • Parliament’s music genre – The answer is FUNK. This music dates back to the 1960s and originated from African American communities. It is rhythmic in nature and a great form of music for those who want to dance. It is an excellent mix of lots of other genres, including jazz, soul music, and rhythm and blues.
  • Effusive musical genre – The answer is EMO. This genre of music is all about emotions and looks at how they can best be expressed. The emphasis of this music is on the lyrics, which tend to be confessional in nature. In style, it is like rock music and is normally played by a band.

Clues about the History of Music Genres

You may also come across clues that will teach you about the history of music. Some of these clues include:

  • Music genre since the 50’s – The answer is ROCK or ROCKANDROLL. This music is highly influenced by the blues and also has influences from other styles like jazz and classical. It continues to evolve and has a large number of hybrids.
  • Hybrid ‘50s musical genre – The answer is ROCKABILLY. This type of music is normally called classic rock and roll. It is influenced by genres like western swing, electric blues, boogie woogie, and jump blues. It is very distinct and can often be linked to artists like Elvis Presley.
  • ‘70s music genre – The answer is DISCO. The 70’s would not be complete without the disco. This is one of the most popular genres of dance. It incorporates a little soul music as well as some electronic dance. It even has a little bit of salsa and Latino influences. It was the music often played in nightclubs.
70's Disco Greatest Hits || 70's Disco Party Mix

Expand your Musical Knowledge

Music is something that can be found in various forms all over the globe. You would have to be an eternal student to learn all the different types of music, something that may not be reasonable when all you want to do is complete a crossword. With the crossword solver, you can find your answers in two ways. The first is by looking at the clues to find the right answer. The second way is searching for the music genre based on the word. You never need to get stuck on a crossword puzzle again. Find your answers in record time and find out lots about music while you are at it.

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