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Citrus Fruit: A Citrus Journey All Around the World

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There are some clues that pop up many times when you are playing crossword puzzles. One clue that has a wide range of answers is citrus fruit. Some knowledge on basic citrus fruit can get you by.

There are, however, times when figuring out the answer will take more than your reasoning skills. Rather than getting stuck and giving up entirely on the puzzle, you can make use of our Crossword Solver to get the answer right.

With the Crossword Solver on word-grabber, you can discover up to ten different answers to fill in for the citrus fruit category. These include some citrus fruit that, frankly, you may have never heard of!

Bigger than the Basics of Citrus

Most people are familiar with at least three types of citrus fruit. These are the yellow LEMON, the green LIME, and the orange ORANGE. The clues for this fruit can extend way beyond colour, which is what makes filling in the crossword puzzle a little difficult. So the first step in figuring out what fits in those crossword puzzle boxes is breaking down the clues. When you are on our Crossword Solver, you can type in the clue for the citrus fruit you want to reveal and the answer will come up for you. Here are a few examples.

Examples of Citrus Fruit

  • ORANGE – One of the most popular six-letter citrus fruit types can be revealed in more than 20 different clues. Some of these clues are colour-related for example, like carrot juice, like traffic cones, or creamsicle colour. Other clues are flavour-based such as jellybean flavour, marmalade flavour, or crepes suzette flavour. Other clues tie into popular sayings such as “_________ you glad I didn’t say banana’?”, or “A Clockwork ___________,” 1971 film. When tying into the Crossword Solver, you can also specify the number of letters the answer should have in order to narrow the options down.
  • citrus fruit orange

  • LEMON – Another citrus fruit with more than 20 clues to suss out. This fruit can be a little more challenging in a crossword puzzle, as often the clues are only one word. You can expect to see words like Fizzle, Flavour, Clunker Washout, and even Turkey as clues. There are also diverse phrases that you can type into the Crossword Solver. These include scent in furniture polish, it makes a whisky sour sour, fruit that makes you pucker, or car owner’s headache.

Citrus fruit lemon

The Citrus Fruit You are Bound to Discover

There is a total of 10 citrus fruit types that you may find in crosswords. To get clear answers to your queries, you need to ensure that you always begin your search with the number of letters in the word you are looking for. By simply typing in citrus fruit in the search bar, you can get a list of all citrus fruit.

All Fruits sorted by the Number of Letters

Below the search bar, you will see boxes with number options to better help you narrow down the letters. Here is a brief description of the featured citrus fruit and the number of letters they have.

Short Answers to the Crossword Clue

  • LIME (4) – A small fruit that is normally green in colour and available in several varieties. These include Persian Lime, Key Lime, and Kaffir Lime. Tart in flavour and usually used in beverages and cocktails.
  • lime citrus fruit

  • UGLI (4) – A fruit from Jamaica that is their form of the tangelo. This hybrid fruit is a mix of the tangerine and orange, or tangerine and grapefruit. The ugli fruit occurs naturally and is known for being large and sweet.
  • ugli is a citrus fruit

  • LEMON (5) – A highly fragrant fruit that is typically yellow in colour. It has acidic juice that is tart in flavour. It is also oval in shape and used in many ways, including in baking and cooking, beverages, and even as a cleaning and freshening agent.

Long Answers to the Crossword Clue

  • LIMES (5) – More than one lime.
  • ORANGE (6) – One of the sweeter citrus fruit types that is often consumed as juice, eaten as it is, or used in food and beverages. A fruit whose name is also its colour. Highly popular and known for having a high concentration of vitamin C.
  • KUMQUAT (7) – A small fruit that looks like an orange, though it has some distinct differences. For one, it is around the size of a large olive. Its flavour is a little sour inside, though the peel is sweet. It can be consumed whole.
  • citrus fruit little kumquats

  • TANGELO (7) – This fruit is a hybrid of the grapefruit and the tangerine. It packs a punch of vitamins and minerals and is also known for having plenty of dietary fibre.
  • citrus fruit honeybell

  • MANDARIN (8) – A type of orange with a seemingly flat a shape. It also has a peel that is quite loose, making it easy to remove. It has characteristics more reminiscent of a tangerine than the typical orange.
  • HONEYBELL (9) – It is an other word for TANGELO. The fruit is known for having a distinctly sweet flavour.
  • TANGERINE (9) – A fruit that is normally deep orange-red in colour that is easy to peel and eat in segments. A little smaller than an orange, with a shape that is less round in nature.

citrus fruit tangerine

Always Have the Upper Hand

Some of the citrus fruit types are similar to each other and without a tool to help you tell the difference, you may make mistakes in your puzzles. Take your clues and put them in the solver to help you complete your crosswords. Get it right the first time, and it will be much easier when you need to do so again.

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