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Scrabble and Twitter

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A few days back I had the crazy idea to repost Tweets about Scrabble here on Now I found this note I made about it again and some time to check if this makes any sense. Well, I first thought about some kind of automatic repost, but when I just searched for some tweets I found a lot of interesting ones I felt to comment on, so this is even going to fill a whole article.

I just found some more word games I didn’t know about before. Definitely worth being on my reading list for the weekend.

RT @makeuseof 8 Best Multiplayer Online Scrabble Games For Word Fanatics: Word games never go … #apps #tips #tech

— KarenKinnaman (Karen Kinnaman) (@KarenKinnaman) Wed Apr 18 2012

I have already read about this Scrabble premium edition some days ago on another website, but nice to be reminded.

ChurchCrunch TipsScrabble Typography Edition: This is the most awesome Scrabble set I’ve ever seen. Nic…

— churchwebs (Webs for Churches) (@churchwebs) Mon Apr 16 2012

Ok, this one is a bit disapointing, since they probably forgot to post the link. I was actually looking forward to it.

#Seven Clever Tips To Help You Get Proficient At Scrabble #article 114919 Myartsubmit

— Myartsubmit ( (@Myartsubmit) Sat Apr 14 2012

This is maybe a bit too much, but a pretty nice looking Scrabble overview with Scrabble tips.

Pretty cool Squidoo lens: Scrabble hints and tips (now here:

— Blond_logic (Californian Dreamer) (@Blond_logic) Sat Apr 14 2012

This seems to be a personal message, but I like this word list mentioned. Take a look to the 10 short and helpful Scrabble words.

@evbretz Let’s play when you get back, here are some tips to help you beat me

— EkubalaD (elena kd) (@EkubalaD) Fri Apr 13 2012

This tweet is probably the reason why I started posting the tweets here. Great story about Fake Quality Time (FQT) and how Scrabble is a part of this.

RR’s Love Update Scrabble saved my relationship #relationship #tips

— RomanceReality (Debi Levine) (@RomanceReality) Fri Apr 13 2012


Reading and commenting on Scrabble related tweets is fun. This might become a regular thing so I already created a new article category called Words on Twitter.

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