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We proudly present a mobile web version of After a week of hard work and less spare time than usual, a special modified website of our Scrabble helper is now accessible from any mobile device. That means less scrolling and faster browsing for those of you who use it. As you might have experienced, a mobile-optimized website significantly improves user experience and convenient handling.

Your expectations on a mobile website

Last week we asked you to help us developing this feature. Thanks to all participants who took part in this poll and gave us feedback regarding necessity and content of a mobile website.

About 85 % of you said they need a modified site for their web browser and would welcome a mobile version of Almost as many claimed to access the website always or frequently. That urged us to realize the mobile version within a week.

Nearly all of you voted for the Scrabble word finder to be a must. The second most wanted feature is the possibility to share your results with friends. Thus we integrated a tweet button for every search you perform. However we also thought the news section and user manual should be available for mobile browsers.

How it works

Our website should automatically detect, whether you access the site with a mobile or desktop browser. Then, you are being forwarded to the appropriate layout. If you decide you want to use the other version, you can switch manually. You find the option to do so either in the sidebar (desktop browser) or the footer (mobile browser).

Your feedback

It would be great to get some feedback from you to get to know how you like the execution of our and your ideas. If there is anything you would like to remark additionally, feel free to leave a comment in the feedback form or below.

We noticed some layout bugs in older browsers. Please help us to find all these little creatures either with sending a screenshot to or by describing them in the feedback form or comment field.

What do you think about our mobile version?


Total Voters: 28

Thanks again to all who helped us and enjoy browsing our website to find your most valuable Scrabble word.

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