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Changes to the Scrabble helper – results, blanks and Wikipedia

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We updated the Scrabble helper and Words With Friends Cheat.

Results order

Until now, results were either sorted by word length or points. If there were more results with the same length or value, they were mixed. We changed this behavior to a more logic approach.

At first, results are now sorted as specified by you, either by word length or points. The results with the same length or value where than sorted by the not chosen option (value or length). If length and value are equal, the results are alphabetically sorted.

Blanks without value

Blank tiles are now without value. Before, they had the value of the letter they represented. On the other hand, blank tiles still count for a double or triple word score when they are placed on such a bonus field. If a joker might be placed on different fields, the one with the higher value is being chosen.

Check Scrabble words

Like with the former word finder, it is now possible to check the results from the Scrabble helper or Words With Friends Cheat in Wikipedia and Wiktionary. You can also help us tweeting your best result right away. These options are so far only available on the desktop version of the word helpers.

We hope these changes are helping you to make words from letters for word games even more comfortable for you. You are welcome to comment on the changes below this article or contacting us directly using the feedback form.

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