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Schools in Abu Dhabi Introduce Scrabble Program

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The capital city of the United Arab Emirates will start a Scrabble program this September, when classes resume. Classrooms will then be transformed into playgrounds for the most popular word game, a game that will probably turn the school into a more exciting place for students. According to ADEC (Abu Dhabi Education Council), students starting in sixth grade (aged 10 to 11) will be able to do some school work by playing Scrabble as part of their extracurricular learning resource.

Learning by Playing

The project comes in line with ADEC’s plans to develop education in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It is part of a new school model which is being implemented this year. To ensure that pupils get a good start, Arabic teachers will learn the rules of Scrabble in workshops.

Prior tests in six schools at the beginning of the year proved that the word game can be used to improve the Arabic skills of  pupils, helping them to further develop their vocabulary and writing skills.

Dr. Karima Al Mazroui, curriculum division manager of ADEC, stated that the introduction of Scrabble also led to improvements in engagement and pride in the Arabic language. Pupils had a great interest in the game. It even led to the organization of local Scrabble tournaments and the formation of Scrabble clubs.

Very Welcomed

There are a lot of supporters of this program, like popular Scrabble player Navya Zaveri, a world champion  in the age group of under 16-year-olds. He welcomes the introduction, saying that Scrabble also helps develop mathematical reasoning. Nikhil Soneja, who is organizing the Middle East Scrabble Championship, has believed for many years that Scrabble is a good learning tool.

This program will surely help to make the most popular word game in the world a little bit more popular.

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