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Myrrh Word without Vowels

The longest Word without Vowels

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If you’re the kind of person who always seems to get stuck with a load of consonants when playing Scrabble, why not try a few of the longest words without vowels? Not only handy for winning games of Scrabble, knowing a little about the longest English word without vowels is one of those things that could come in handy at odd times, and apart from anything else it’s a fascinating subject. Here are a few of the most interesting longest words without vowels starting with a couple which can’t be used for Scrabble, but which are useful to know nevertheless.

Longest Words Without Vowels which Can’t Be Used for Scrabble


TWYNDYLLYNGS is actually a Welsh word, but it’s listed as appearing in several dictionaries, so it can be counted as an example of a longest word without vowels. This longest consonant word is a noun and means ‘twins’.


Another of the longest words without vowels which can’t be used in Scrabble is SYMPHYSY, a noun meaning the fusion or joining of two body parts or the joining of two bodies. The Oxford English Dictionary is cited as a reference when looking up SYMPHYSY, so again it’s worth including in our list.

Since most of these longest English words without vowels which can’t be used in Scrabble are described as ‘rare’ or ‘obsolete’ it’s perhaps best to consider words without vowels which can be used.

Longest English Word Without Vowels Which Can Be Used in Scrabble


RHYTHMS is perhaps officially the longest word without vowels which can not only be used in Scrabble, but which also can be used every day in common speech. It’s a noun and is most widely defined as the recurring or repeated notes or elements which create a balanced flow, particularly in music or verse.


Another long word without vowels, SPRYLY is an adverb of the adjective spry. Spry means nimble, agile or quick, therefore SPRYLY means nimbly, agilely or quickly.


An excellent example of a long English word without vowels. you’ll score much higher in a game of Scrabble if you use SYZYGY instead of most other options. It’s a noun, and a very flexible noun at that. SYZYGY can be used in astronomy, mathematics, medicine and zoology and mostly translates as meaning a pairing of elements or a fusion of parts. The use of SYZYGY in astrology sees this ‘consonant-less’ English word used to describe the alignment of planets, such as at an eclipse.


TSKTSKS is less a word than a sound or utterance, kind of like tuttut to convey disdain or displeasure. It certainly counts as an example of a long English word without vowels and it can indeed be used in Scrabble.


A not so unusual word without vowels, CRYPTS are places where the dead are buried.


GLYCYLS is a term in medicine and can be a noun for the acyl radical of glycine or an extremely complicated adjective referring to glycinic residues in proteins or polypeptides. One of the longest words without vowels but not one that you might use on a regular basis, apart from in a heated game of Scrabble of course.


In a move from the obscure to a word that does have its use in everyday terms, TRYSTS. One of the longest words without vowels, but not the most absolute one, TRYSTS often refers to clandestine or secret meetings and it’s a recognisable word in Scrabble too.


Rather than choosing ‘xylyls’ as the final ‘longest English word without vowels’ even though it can be used in Scrabble, MYRRHS made the list simply because there was no dictionary definition easily available for xylyls which again is a term used in medicine. MYRRHS may also have medicinal purposes, but it’s the use of the oils and essences derived from this small spiny tree in perfumery which makes it more widely known. Also, it featured in the nativity when the Wise Men brought gold frankincense and myrrh to the baby Jesus.

Myrrh Word without Vowels
Remember this picture and MYRRHS as one of the longest Scrabble words without vowels

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