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NewsThere is a new version of Words With Friends? Or a new word game big hit? A very interesting prize game or an exciting Scrabble contest? Find all the interesting news for word games and puzzles right here!

Towel Day – Celebrate the best Pieces of Fabric in the whole Galaxy!

Towel Day

created on by Dominik Wachsmann

On Towel Day we celebrate not only the life and work of Douglas Adams but also one of the most practical pieces of fabric in the whole galaxy! » read more

Team of Oarsmen

Team of Oarsmen

created on by Dominik Wachsmann

Rowing has been considered a sport for over 3500 years. Since then, legions of championships (pun intended) have emerged. Here is our special report on the team of oarsmen and/or -women! » read more

New Scrabble World Champion is from Britain

Scrabble world champion

created on by Anja Goritzka

Th MSI Scrabble World Championship in Lille is over and the world has a new champion: Brett Smitheram won against his fellow countryman Mark Nyman with unusal words like » read more

The Scrabble World Meets in Lille – The MSI World Championships

The Scrabble World Championship 2016 will take place in Lille

created on by Juliane Fritz

Late this summer, the French city of Lille will be the center of the Scrabble world. The World Scrabble Championship and many other Scrabble events will take place there. We give you an overview of what is going to happen! » read more

Word Games to Play with Friends – World Play Day is coming

word games to play with friends

created on by Dominik Wachsmann

Today everyone will play. It`s World Play Day. That`s why we show you some Word Games you can easily play at home with your friends. » read more

Playing Scrabble at the 8th Israeli Open in Tiberias

created on by Anja Goritzka

Playing Scrabble all over the world is a great chance to get in contact with other Scrabble enthusiasts. The Israeli Open is a popular Scrabble competition, too. Many foreign players take this opportunity to visit Israel and to play Scrabble with international players. This year Peggy Fehily and Brigitte Brath travelled to Israel and attended the event and gave us their impressions. » read more

The Word of the Year from UK, Australia and the United States

created on by Anja Goritzka

Do you know the British Word of the Year 2015? Well take a look at our article. We give you an overview about the Words of the Year in English speaking countries with lists from the different societies which elect the Word of the Year. » read more

Playing Scrabble Online? Without This Scrabble App!

The Scrabble App

created on by Juliane Fritz

Playing Scrabble online can drive you mad these days/ After an update, the Scrabble app has many quirks. We have a brief overview here. » read more

Christmas with Word Chums – With Your DIY Chum

Christmas With Word Chums Toys

created on by Juliane Fritz

This is for Word Chums and DIY fans: How about sewing a little Word Chums toy as a Christmas present? We'll tell you how to do it. Merry Christmas with Word Chums! » read more

The Word Chums Fashion Guide for Summer 2015

Word Chums is about words - and about fashion!

created on by Juliane Fritz

Word Chums is probably the only word game in which fashion matters! But what is the best Word Chums outfit for Summer 2015? We searched the fashion magazines and here are the results! » read more