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After finishing Germanic Studies at the university my interest in language lead me to the editorial offices of in November 2013. Next to the German site I also work for and I try to pick up the requests of the community. If you want to read something special about words, language and language games, just let me know and we will try to put it into words.

Articles by Stephanie Napp

Catalin Caba on the Scrabble Situation in Romania

This is part 2 of our Scrabble interview series with Romanian player Catalin-Eugen Caba. The director of the A.C.S. PREVENTIS in Iaşi is very committed to working with junior players. He talks about his Scrabble experience, the Internet Scrabble Club, and the general Scrabble situation in Romania.

A Question of Conversion: From TWL to Collins

A donation initiative was founded recently to raise money for the Collins Division prize fund of the National Scrabble Championship (NSC). The goal was to collect $ 1,000 for it and thereby convince players to switch from the Tournament World List (TWL) to the Collins list. We will look at what is behind the initiative and what it has achieved up to now.

Catalin Caba: “Once They’ve Been Infected With The ‘Words Microbe’, Scrabble Gains Future Champions”

This is part 1 of our Scrabble interview series with Romanian player Catalin-Eugen Caba. The director of the A.C.S. PREVENTIS in Iaşi is very committed to working with junior players. His primary concern is to teach pupils in English Scrabble and to prepare them for competitive tournaments.

The New Scrabble Dictionary – OTCWL 2014

December 1st will be an important date for Scrabble players in the U.S. and Canada. From that point the new Scrabble dictionary of the NASPA (North American Scrabble Players Association) will be in effect. We’ll give you a short summary of the official changes in the new edition.

The Scrabble Players’ Gallery by Roger Cullman

At Scrabble tournaments everyone is usually busy making the right move. Looking into your opponent’s eyes and trying to catch their next move. Between games, photographer Roger Cullman caught some Scrabble players and persuaded them to pose for a portrait. That’s how Cullman’s Scrabble Players’ Gallery started.

Interview with Evan Cohen: “Understanding How Scrabble Minds Work”

After talking to Scrabble legends like John Chew and Toh Weibin, next in our interview series with Scrabble players will be Evan Cohen. The linguistic lecturer is considered to be responsible for the re-establishment of the Tel Aviv Scrabble Club (TASC) in 1998. We talked with him about his Scrabble experience and why the TASC changed from the Tournament World List to the Collins Dictionary.

Review: “Word Games, Anagrams and More – A Fun Way to Learn New Words” by Norman Wei

LEOTARD, MORIONS, FESCUES – three rarely used words with one thing in common. They all appear in Norman Wei’s latest publication “Word Games, Anagrams and More”. The book brings together more than 800 cartoons as well as lists and phrases to facilitate the learning of uncommon words for word games.

Shan Abbasi at the Toronto International Scrabble Open Quackle

An Interview with Shan Abbasi – „Enjoy the perpetual perplexity”

As part of our series “Interviews with Scrabble Players” we talked to Shan Abbasi today, the co-director of the Mississauga Scrabble Club (NASPA Club #422) in Canada. He explained to us what fascinates him about Scrabble and told us about the work that goes into chairing a Scrabble club.

Toh Weibin Scrabble player

An Interview with Toh Weibin – “My Role In The Game Will Probably Shift A Bit”

The world record holder Toh Weibin won the 6th Israeli Scrabble Open that took place from the 21st till 23rd of February this year. Best known for his record score with a rating of 850, the 24-year-old Scrabble player gave us a little insight into his experience in tournaments and what makes Scrabble so fascinating for him.

Scrabble in the National Toy Hall of Fame

Growing up and being thrown into a complex and hectic adult world can sometimes cause you to take a retrospective point of view on the unconcerned times in life when you were a child. The museum The Strong in Rochester, NY gives you the opportunity to relive this feeling as you walk through their National Toy Hall of Fame. We asked two of the people in charge about how the word game Scrabble was inducted.