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After finishing Germanic Studies at the university my interest in language lead me to the editorial offices of in November 2013. Next to the German site I also work for and I try to pick up the requests of the community. If you want to read something special about words, language and language games, just let me know and we will try to put it into words.

Articles by Stephanie Napp

Interviews with Scrabble Players

From your Local Tennis Club straight to Wimbledon – An Interview with Scrabble Player Brigitte Brath

In early January Brigitte Brath, a German Scrabble tournament player, attended the UK Open. Between returning to Germany and taking off to attend her next tournament, the Israeli Open, she gave us an interview about her tournament experience and offered tips for Scrabble players.

John Chew on Word Lists

John Chew on Strategy with Scrabble Word Lists

There are different tools and strategies professional SCRABBLE players use in the game. The most essential tools next to your SCRABBLE board are probably the different word lists, which are valid for clubs and tournaments. But how do you start to use those lists? We asked John Chew, co-president of the NASPA, who is one of the biggest names among the international Scrabble community. As a longtime organizer of club sessions and tournaments the passionate Scrabble enthusiast gave us a small insight how to approach those lists.

Our Happy Holidays Raffle Winner: a letter carrier’s way with words

Even though Christmas time has passed now, we are happy to be giving presents to select readers of our site. At word-grabber’s Happy Holidays Raffle you had the chance to win a Scrabble Deluxe Edition as well as other things. Read how our first prize winner Jeff Kelley, a passionate Scrabble player, didn’t really get first prize – but was lucky after all.

Anagrams in TV Shows

In our daily life, anagrams approach us on many levels. A huge scope of application is found in fiction in general and in TV shows especially. Anagrams are often used for character names in TV shows to reveal a hidden meaning related to the person or to underline a typical quality of the character. To start off with, there are two kinds of anagrams in TV shows that we have to distinguish. You can find them here.

Scrabble Champions Tournament 2013

From 4th to 8th December the 12th international Scrabble Champions Tournament took place in Prague. Among 110 players, who came from all over the world, three-times-winner Nigel Richards won the first price and took $10.000 as prize-money with him.