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I have started working for at the beginning of 2013. Because of my experience with video games I am mostly responsible for reviewing them. Beside of reviewing and testing games I am also producing columns and specialized articles all around wordgames.

Articles by Sascha Sharma

Welcome to the Alphabet Jungle – Review

Last month we integrated another enjoyable word game into our site called Alphabet Jungle. We gave the trip to the jungle a try and took a closer look at this word game.

Review Scrabble app

There are a lot of clones of the most famous word game we all know as Scrabble in the world. After having reviewed so many copies of this famous concept, it is now time to take a look at the official Scrabble app for iPhone and iOS devices.

Review of Words with Friends on Facebook

By now there are countless versions of Scrabble on the Internet. An especially popular English language variant is Words with Friends (WwF), which can be played in its basic form for free on a smartphone or through Facebook. We have now taken a closer look at the Scrabble variant built into Facebook.

Scrabble vs. Words with Friends

A very popular Scrabble clone these days is Words with Friends. In our review at, we were so impressed by the game produced by Zynga that we decided to stage a face-off with the official Scrabble app. So here is our special comparison: Scrabble versus Words with Friends.

Schools in Abu Dhabi Introduce Scrabble Program

The capital city of the United Arab Emirates will start a Scrabble program this September, when classes resume. Classrooms will then change into playgrounds for the most popular word game which should make the school to a more exciting place for students.

WordTrap Dungeon Preview

WordTrap Dungeon is at first sight a very unusual game mix. A word game in dark dungeons? Magic and monsters? The small Polish developer, Crunching Koalas, mixes two very different genres. But the mix works and it’s not just coincidence, it’s good work from ambitious programmers.

Scrabble Cheats - Word Grabber logo

Cheating at Scrabble

It is as old as gaming itself. Many might have thought about it in desperate situations in gaming, whether they should or they should not pick this unfair method to fool their opponents. Cheating is always used, when a player has a problem, that he can´t solve with his own abilities.

WordON Review

This summer is full of fresh word games for mobile devices. After we reviewed the decent games WordStone and Word King for mobile devices and Computers there is coming WordOn from German publisher Flaregames. Is this another game keeping you away from the normal summer activities or is it just a waste of time that could be spend in the sun?