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For almost three years, I enter the worlds of games and languages for Especially as a psychology student, it is still fascinating for me to see the enthusiasm, creativity, and perseverance that can trigger a few letters in human beings. To understand those word-addicts a bit better, don't hesitate to comment my articles or write me a mail!

Articles by Philipp Schröder

Word Mole FAQs

  After releasing our recent article on Word Mole many visitors asked us to extend the information on this game. This articles gathers the frequently asked questions and their answers. Where can I play Word Mole online? Lots of people try to find out if it is possible to play Word Mole online. Quite a […]

Word Mole always tries to present new word games where you build words from letters like Scrabble or Words with Friends. The other day we came across a game we have never heard of called Word Mole. Word Mole is most likely familiar to BlackBerry smartphone users since it is one of the most played games […]

Words with Friends

Information, facts and trivia about Words with Friends, one of the most popular word game you can play online and on mobile devices.

Words With Friends cheat

We’ve got news for you. After a long period of preparation and hard work we want to present a new feature – a Words With Friends cheat – to all our loyal users and new arrivals. From now on you can decide whether you want to use as a player of Scrabble or Words […]

calculator words – Oðblgshezi

Find out how calculator words (Oðblgshezi) work, where they come from and how you can spell these words on a calculator.

A word generator for your needs

Recently we did some big changes to After we modified our layout, integrated the feature to twitter search results and programmed a mobile browser version of this website, we now want to check weather our search options fulfill your requirements. During the last weeks we presented different kinds of word-games (part 2) to you. […]

The World of Word-Games 2

Last week we presented the first part of different word-games based on or inspired by Scrabble. If you are missing one special game you will now have the chance to find it in this weeks article.  Jumble Known from TV and newspapers is Jumble. No grid or board is required, but you still need to […]

The World of Word-Games 1

Scrabble is one of the most played games and probably the most played word-game ever. Those tiny little squares and letters make families laugh, turn friends into temporary opponents and challenge your brainpower to go sky high. A huge amount of similar word-games existed before or was created inspired by Scrabble. We would like to […]

Scrabble helper in your mobile browser online

We proudly present a mobile web version of After a week of hard work and less spare time than usual, a special modified website of our Scrabble helper is now accessible from any mobile device. That means less scrolling and faster browsing for those of you who use it. As you might have experienced, […]