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For almost three years, I enter the worlds of games and languages for Especially as a psychology student, it is still fascinating for me to see the enthusiasm, creativity, and perseverance that can trigger a few letters in human beings. To understand those word-addicts a bit better, don't hesitate to comment my articles or write me a mail!

Articles by Philipp Schröder

calculator words in word lists

Probably all of you remember calculator words from good old school times. Discover words you have never thought to be written with a calculator. Our new A to Z word list for calculator words can help you.

The Logo of Burble and Burble Select

Burble Select

Recently, we learned more on Burble. A game that reminds us of Scrabble and Zuma. Another version of this game is available online and in the Android Market. We explain the changes and give you some opinions of Burble and Burble Select players. goes Youtube

We proudly present our new youtube channel: WordGrabberCom. The first video is an step-by-step tutorial for our Scrabble helper.

More features for the anagram solver

We have expanded the anagram solver and other word searches by some features. Now you can highlight bonus fields or align the words in the search results.

benefit from our word search

Recently we introduced our new sorted word lists and explained you our word profiles. To get the most out of when it comes to making words out of letters we offer you a third valuable feature: the word search. The word search helps you with a spelling mistake, the word validity or the word value in a word game, and gives you references on one very specific word.

word lists now better sorted

For some time past you can find word lists on various keywords on These so called tag lists help you searching for certain words in particular. Now we collected all our word lists to sort them into user-friendly categories. In addition to the recently introduced word profiles this should be another feature to make words out of letters as simple as possible.

The Logo of Burble and Burble Select


If you like Zuma and Scrabble you will love Burble. Making words out of letters under time pressure with funny bubbles and tubes. Learn how to play this funny game, understand the rules, and become a Burble fan.

Wordfeud Languages

Besides Scrabble Wordfeud is probably one of the most international word games. Scrabble can be bought in more than 30 languages. Its little brother Wordfeud can be played in up to eight languages including Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish. According to the developers more language packages are in process of planning. Read on to get more detailed information on word lists and languages of Wordfeud.

Word Board Games for Kids

The first website we would like to present to you is Among other educational games they focus on word board games like Boggle, Anagrams, Apples to Apples and of course Scrabble. Read more about why word board games are one of the best learning tools for children and which games are most suitable.

Phonewords – How to spell my phone number?

A Phoneword is simply a phone number that spells a word by using the letters on your telephone keypad. These letters can be used to form an ‘easy to remember’ word which can then be dialed as a telephone number. It is often used by companies who want their customers to remember their number quite quick to stay ahead of the competition. Learn more about how to create Phonewords.