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The World of Word-Games 1

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Scrabble is one of the most played games and probably the most played word-game ever. Those tiny little squares and letters make families laugh, turn friends into temporary opponents and challenge your brainpower to go sky high. A huge amount of similar word-games existed before or was created inspired by Scrabble. We would like to present you a small range of those old and new games whether to play online, on your phone, in a social network or as a conventional board game.

Words With Friends

The Texas-based mobile game development company Zynga with Friends develops some of the most popular mobile social games. Played by more than 20 million people Words With Friends is one of them and an absolute big seller. One can purchase it for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android devices. Fox news claims it is „social gaming at its finest“ because it combines your Facebook friends with the most popular family word-game. You can play a Scrabble-like game with your friends or other users.


Lexulous, run by the Indian Agarwalla brothers, is an online word game available on a dedicated website and Facebook. It was launched under the name Scrabulous in 2005 and two years later as an Facebook application. After Hasbro noticed copyright violations they did some changes to relaunch in 2009 and called the game Lexulous. How is it played?

Two to four players compete by creating words using letter tiles on a 15×15 grid. A player starts by using the center star, you get special points by using squares with special values, the player with the highest score wins. Quite familiar.


In the middle of the copyright conflict between Lexulous and Hasbro emerged Wordscraper. Another Facebook application that was also build by the Indian brothers. So what makes the difference to Scrabble or Lexulous? The player can customize the look and build the board the way he wants. Simple but innovative. This option grants 80,000 active users on Facebook.


Zakhia was invented by the Lebanese physician Frédéric Zakhia about 30 years ago and can be bought in French and Arabic. The squares on the board determine the categories the words have to derive from. These categories are: Animals, History, Music and others. Otherwise it is quite the same as Scrabble.

Some more word-games will be presented in next-weeks article.

Before then have fun playing and enjoy using

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The World of Word-Games 2