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Words With Friends cheat

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We’ve got news for you. After a long period of preparation and hard work we want to present a new feature – a Words With Friends cheat – to all our loyal users and new arrivals. From now on you can decide whether you want to use as a player of Scrabble or Words With Friends. This makes creating words from letters more convenient for those poeple who are playing Words With Friends.

In A word generator for your needs published at the end of last year we asked you which word game you are exactly playing when using our website. The result of that poll surprised us very much since we never thought of having so many users that are playing Words With Friends. About 100 users took part in answering this question. More than two-thirds said I use while playing Words With Friends. That is why we decided to offer you two different ways to create words from letter with One is for people who are playing Scrabble online, with a mobile device or as a conventional board game. The other is for Word With Friends addicts who need to have a Words With Friends helper according to their scoring system and rules.

Words With Friends cheat vs. Scrabble cheat

In our word game section we compare Words With Friends to Scrabble. There you can see why it is important to have a Scrabble cheat separated from a Words With Friends cheat. The first aspect is the different word pool that is used by both games. The Words With Friends cheat uses a list called ENABLE. This is short for Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon. Our Scrabble cheat can create words from letters from the TWL or SOWPODS list.

Moreover, there is a different scoring system as you can see in the table below:

Words With FriendsScrabble
0 points2 blank tiles2 blank tiles
1 pointE ×13, A ×9, I ×8, O ×8, T ×7,R ×6, S ×5E ×12, A ×9, I ×9, O ×8, N ×6,R ×6, T ×6, L ×4, S ×4, U ×4
2 pointsD ×5, N ×5, L ×4, U ×4D ×4, G ×3
3 pointsH ×4, G ×3, Y ×2B ×2, C ×2, M ×2, P ×2
4 pointsB ×2, C ×2, F ×2, M ×2, P ×2,W ×2F ×2, H ×2, V ×2, W ×2, Y ×2
5 pointsV ×2, K ×1K ×1
8 pointsX ×1J ×1, X ×1
10 pointsJ ×1, Q ×1, Z ×1Q ×1, Z ×1

Using the Words With Friends helper

Apart from that, using the Words With Friends cheat is similar to the Scrabble helper: Type in the letters you have to make a word from letters. You can also add a pattern, the number of blank tiles and how to sort the results. We hope you like the new Words With Friends cheat! You can use the below comment form to tell us your opinion.

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6 Responses

  1. I was hoping when I clicked on this there would be a decent write up on what the point of playing the game is if you are going to cheat.

    • Hi Brian,
      sorry to disappoint your expectations. This is just a news. We covered the Words with Friends Cheat in other articles as well and had some discussion about this. But you made an interesting point that we should cover in the near future with its own article. Thanks for sharing your idea.

  2. Why am I not shocked that you can use such a thing, my husband is so disappointed, he wants level playing field. I told him lets just keep playing and assume our friends are honest players like we are.

    • Hi Nancy, the Words With Friends Cheat is also great to discover new or interesting words and share and discuss them with friends. Others use the helper to check their words after they played them to estimate how good they were.

  3. I will resort to the Cheat when I fall 100 points behind my opponent. This does little to help me win but I do avoid the humiliation of being drubbed. Also I become less boring and pitiful to my opponent. Sometimes my opponent will shape up and take me more seriously if I come up with a 68 pointer.
    Additionally I have found that There are times in which I am a much more alert player. If depressed or tired after a long day I will sign off as hopelessly lost to a game or two. The next day, refreshed, I often ask myself “How did I not see that move last night?”
    So it is helpful to recognize when your mental levels are at a low point and give up for the time being. I have come back to win games that I thought were hopeless twelve hours earlier.

    • Hi jims, thank you for sharing your ideas. There is a lot of potential in making a break and returning to a game later. Especially when playing online word games it is theoretically easy to just walk away and clear your head.

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