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Articles by Anja Goritzka

How to Play Words with Friends

How to Play Words with Friends: A Word Game Review

Thousands of users cannot be wrong: Words with Friends is one of the most popular word game apps, without a doubt. If you are not already into the game with letters and words, we’ll show you how to play Words with Friends.

playing scrabble and learning english in germany

Playing Scrabble and Learning English in an Open House

Peggy Fehily likes to play Scrabble tournaments. Therefor she travells all aorund the world. And she wants to get more people enthusiastic for English tournament Scrabble. Her idea: etaplishing an Open Scrabble House in her café Cornwall – The Tearoom in Bad Wimpfen near Heilbronn, Germany. The Open House will start on 13th May. Read more about her idea and playing Scrabble in Germany.

score high in word chums hints

How to score high in your Word Chums Game

You want to make your Chum happy in Word Chums? You have to score high in your Word Game. We`ve got some hints for you how you can score high and win your Word Chums Game.

word chums player having fun with a cute word game

About the Joy of Word Chums – Word Chums Player told us

Every player has their own reasons for playing games like Word Chums. Two gamers from the States told us why they play and what they like most about the word game Word Chums. Want to meet Karol and David? Just follow us!

interview about crosswords with alan connor

The Joy of Quiz and Crosswords – An Interview with Alan Connor

We spoke with Alan Connor, British columnist at The Guardian and question writer for a quiz show, about the modern phenomenon of crosswords and quizzing and his way to access a crossword.

Scrabble world champion

New Scrabble World Champion is from Britain

Th MSI Scrabble World Championship in Lille is over and the world has a new champion: Brett Smitheram won against his fellow countryman Mark Nyman with unusal words like

Playing Scrabble at the 8th Israeli Open in Tiberias

Playing Scrabble all over the world is a great chance to get in contact with other Scrabble enthusiasts. The Israeli Open is a popular Scrabble competition, too. Many foreign players take this opportunity to visit Israel and to play Scrabble with international players. This year Peggy Fehily and Brigitte Brath travelled to Israel and attended the event and gave us their impressions.

constructing crosswords David Steinberg

“Crossword puzzles involve a significant amount of wordplay and creativity.”

He was twelve when he sent a crossword he had constructed on his own to the New York Times. Today David Steinberg is one of the best crossword constructers in the US at 19! We spoke with him about his work, crossword tournaments, and his Pre-Shortzian Puzzle Project.

Gerry Carter playing scrabble

Playing Scrabble helped to fill my mind! – An Interview with Gerry Carter

“Every game is different and a new challenge”, says Gerry Carter. Playing Scrabble all over the world fascinates him. Now he is writing a book about the international Scrabble playing community.

Dojo a word with j for wwf

Struggling with Words with J in Words with Friends?

There is only one J in Words with Friends, but often the words with J are missing in a game. If you’re struggling to come up with words with J in Words with Friends, it pays to have a little inspiration: Learn a new set of words with J with us for higher-scoring success when […]