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Characters, words, sentences - Since I can write, I'll do this and that with great passion! But writing is not only a hobby. Since 2011 I am working as a freelance journalist for different media.

Articles by Anja Goritzka

Wordox Wordplay on facebook

Thieves of Words Have Fun with Wordox

Wordox is a quick word game for android and facebook. We have played it for you and we think with this game you can easily train hook words for Scrabble.

Crossword Clue Animal

The Top Five Searched Animal Crossword Clue

You are looking for the answer to a crossword clue? Try our Crossword Solver!
It`s also interesting for us to see what you search for. And often the answer is an animal. That`s why we are looking at the top five animals searched in Crossword Clues!

Crossword Clue

Our Top Five Crossword Clues and the Right Solutions

Are you looking for the answers to crossword clues? Try our Crossword Solver!
It`s interesting for us to see what you search for. That`s why we are showing you our top five Crossword Clues and the right solutions for you!

words with friends cheat

Testing Words with Friends Cheating Apps for Their Value for Learning New Words

Playing Words with Friends can be fun when you know a lot of words that are allowable for the game. Sometimes you nedd some help from a Words with Friends Cheating App for example. We have tested for you three.

History of the Riddle

Riddle – a small word that encompasses many different kinds of puzzles nowadays. But where does it come from? And for how long has mankind had it? We will look behind the history and development of the riddle from its early beginning up to now.

do you have a clue?

How Do I Solve This Cruel Crossword Clue?

Do you know how to solve a crossword clue without a little help from our Crossword Solver? We give you some hints and suggest some different examples of clues!

William Shakespeare

Anagrams as a Play with Letters – Anagram Solver as Part of Literary Play

Have you ever checked to see which surprising words your name can be transformed into? This game with letters is called an “anagram”. We take a look at the play and share with you our Anagram Solver for solving different anagrams.