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Word Chums

The best cheats and answers for Word Chums for free. Get the best you can get at playing Word Chums! Here are some articles, news, tips & tricks and of course: the best cheats for Word Chums.

How to score high in your Word Chums Game

score high in word chums hints

created on by Anja Goritzka

You want to make your Chum happy in Word Chums? You have to score high in your Word Game. We`ve got some hints for you how you can score high and win your Word Chums Game. » read more

About the Joy of Word Chums – Word Chums Player told us

word chums player having fun with a cute word game

created on by Anja Goritzka

Every player has their own reasons for playing games like Word Chums. Two gamers from the States told us why they play and what they like most about the word game Word Chums. Want to meet Karol and David? Just follow us! » read more

How People Find Words in Word Chums – The Five Types

Find words in Word Chums

created on by Juliane Fritz

How do you find words in Word Chums? Do you learn word lists? Or use hints? This article shows you different types of Word Chums players. Which one are you? » read more

Behind the Scenes of Word Chums – An Interview with Kenny Newell

Kenny Newell of Word Chums

created on by Juliane Fritz

We often receive questions from Word Chums players. Now we have had the opportunity to talk to one of the people working for this popular word game and ask one of the most frequently asked questions. Get to know Kenny Newell of Word Chums! » read more

Christmas with Word Chums – With Your DIY Chum

Christmas With Word Chums Toys

created on by Juliane Fritz

This is for Word Chums and DIY fans: How about sewing a little Word Chums toy as a Christmas present? We'll tell you how to do it. Merry Christmas with Word Chums! » read more

Five Things Word Chums Fans Can Learn From Scrabble Players

Some Word Chums words that you should know

created on by Juliane Fritz

If you want to become better at Word Chums you don't need to spend a long time searching for strategies. You can easily learn from Scrabble player tricks! They will help you to find perfect Word Chums words. Here are my five tips. » read more

The Word Chums Fashion Guide for Summer 2015

Word Chums is about words - and about fashion!

created on by Juliane Fritz

Word Chums is probably the only word game in which fashion matters! But what is the best Word Chums outfit for Summer 2015? We searched the fashion magazines and here are the results! » read more

How to Earn XP and Coins: Word Chums Help Part 2

How to get more coins in Word Chums

created on by Juliane Fritz

Word Chums - this game can definitely become addictive! If it has already happened to you, you might be asking yourself how to get better in this word game and get more coins. I will tell you in this Word Chums Help article! » read more

How to Find Good Words: Word Chums Help Part 1

Girl with flying letters

created on by Juliane Fritz

XP? Premium Stars? L4 and W2? There are lots of things to discover while you're playing Word Chums. We summarized some of them for you in our Word Chums Help article. » read more

Word Chums: The Cute Version of Scrabble

Try Word Chums - with our Word Chums Cheat!

created on by Juliane Fritz

Let us introduce Word Chums to you! It’s a thoroughly enjoyable word game with wonderful gadgets and extras. P.S.: You can also find a Word Chums Cheat Function on our page. » read more