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About the Joy of Word Chums – Word Chums Player told us

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We love word games like Scrabble and Words with Friends, but we are fans of Chums and Word Chums too. There is a big community all over the world that loves this Scrabble-like word game with the cute figures called Chums. We spoke with two Word Chums Player about the joy of Word Chums.

Reaching the Top Level in Word Chums

Word Chums Player Karol with her Chums
Karol likes to play Word Chums

Karol lives in the States in a small Pacific Northwest town by the name of Montesano. She is 54 years young and had reached the top level of 122 about 6 months ago, with an XP rating of 21.68. Her point total thus far is 243, 946, and 432. “Meeting players from all parts of the world“, she says is the best thing about Word Chums and of course she loves the Chums too. Although she has reached the top level, she likes to play with many different kinds of gamers: “I play with beginners to seasoned. I try to learn new words daily from this great variety of players.” For her “each play is different as each rack of tiles is different and as each game is different”. That’s the fun of the Word Chums game! When it comes to strategies, she likes to use the hints and bombs that are part of the game.

The Hint Button in Word Chums

Searching for a new word and, in particular, the best place to put it? If you can’t find it, you can use the hint button in Word Chums. After pushing this button, an arrow will show you the spot where you can play the best word.

Bombs in Word Chums

When nothing helps, no word is possible; you can use the bombs button. With the bombs in the word game you can exchange all your letters at once and try your luck again.

Speaking Several Languages Can Help the Word Chums Player

David Granade, a 38-year-old Word Chums player with level 108 from Columbus Ohio loves the hints and bombs option too. He told us that he has a “pretty extensive vocabulary from speaking several languages.” When he doesn’t know a good word, he uses the search until it works. So he is a trial and error type of player, as we described in one of our articles about the five types of Word Chums players. By the way, he has also made friends from all over the world through Word Chums.

Wishes for the Best Word Game

Even with his love for Word Chums, David still thinks there is room for improvement: “I’d love to see doubles partners be able to swap tiles with each other.” Karol hopes that Word Chums will become the number one word game worldwide, she told us, and: “I’d like to see the games automatically be removed from rotation after a play to allow for an easier start for tournament play or more players.”

Try to Find Their Best Words in Word Chums

Karol and David each revealed their best-scoring word to us. Just try it out! Maybe you will find it!

Karol’s word had the letters AAIJNRYZ, and she got 272 points for it.
David’s word is longer than Karol’s, with the letters AAIIJLNOOPSTTUX

Their best Words in Word Chums


Karol’s word was JANIZARY
David’s word was JUXTAPOSITIONAL

Share Your Experiences with Word Chums

What was your best-scoring word in the word game Word Chums? Which Chums do you like best? Tell us your opinions about the word game you love. When searching for good words, try our Word Chums Cheat for learning them by heart!

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  1. Here’s the inside scoop on how WC hint works… if the best word you’ve found so far is at least 75% of the best word, then hint always points to the best word. Otherwise, it will point to a word that’s at least half way between what you’ve found and the best word. E.g. if the best possible word is 100 points, and you’ve found a 60 point word, the hint will be to a word that’s at least 80 points!

  2. I am having trouble with my buy coins. I can’t do it anymore, it’s all gone haywire !!!

  3. It is frustrating to find a word or multiple words in word grabber and other dictionary programs that isn’t accepted by WORD CHUMS.

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