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Word Chums: The Cute Version of Scrabble

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Someone previously claimed that I was addicted to Scrabble, so which word could I use for Word Chums? Extremely addicted? No, this is an exaggeration of course. But I must say: Word Chums has got me! It is a thoroughly enjoyable mobile word game with wonderful gadgets and extras. The Word Chums app is so popular that we’ve already installed a Word Chums Cheat Function on Word Grabber. But let me start by telling you more about the game…

My First Impression of Word Chums

The game appeals to the child in me. It’s wonderfully colorful and there are cute little monster and animal avatars! I selected the penguin avatar and began to play. Everything started well, the app works fine. A short test game explained the most important facts to me, I really appreciated that. So let’s go on!

Before you start playing Word Chums: Choose your avatar!
Before you start playing Word Chums: Choose your avatar!

The Difference Between Word Chums and Scrabble

A Scrabble player will find lots of familiar things in Word Chums. There is a game board with premium squares on it that gives single letters or whole words more points. In the middle there is a star on which the first word must be placed. Like in Scrabble, you start to play with seven letters on your rack and the game also has blank tiles that can be used as any letter you like. You can play parallel words and extend words with hooks. Sounds like a complete Scrabble sibling doesn’t it? It isn’t!

Here are the differences. First of all, there are more premium squares. Unlike Scrabble, Word Chums even has a field that will quadruple the character value field. There are also several ways to earn bonus points. If you place a word using all seven letters, you get 40 extra points. A 6-letter word makes 20 extra points and a 5-letter word 10 extra points. You won’t be able to place all the words that you know from your Scrabble games, because Word Chums uses a different word list: the ENABLE2k Word List. But the programmers are working on adding new words to that list. You can even send them an e-Mail and ask them to put a missing word on the list. If you can’t find a good word you can’t just exchange several letters, you have to replace all of them by using the “Bomb” function. You can also use the “Hints” function to find spaces for good words.

A Word Chums Scene
A Word Chums Scene

But these are only some of the new features you will find in Word Chums. There are so many special extras in this game that will make you want to get points and reach a higher level. For example, in the beginning you only get a limited number of bombs and hints. But after you’ve used them up you can use your points to buy new ones. You can also pimp your avatar with hairstyles, hats, and other items. These items help you reach higher levels more quickly. In level 9, for example, there is this awfully silly looking fruit hat that I really want to have. So I need to play fast and pick up points!

Here's my Word Chums avatar and the stupid hat I'd love to have.
Here’s my Word Chums avatar and the stupid hat I’d love to have.

Become Better at Word Chums – With Our Word Chums Cheat

Our Word Grabber Word Chums Cheat is very helpful for getting my fruit hat faster! I can enter my seven letters (also the number of blank stones) and will get all possible words. I can also enter a special search pattern. When I suspect that I can use two word value squares at once, I can search for a specific word that fits in that place.

Word Chums Cheat Screenshot
Word Chums Cheat Screenshot

Here you can find out how our Word Chums Cheat works

My Conclusion: You Need to Try Word Chums and Let Our Word Chums Cheat Help You!

If you like word games – especially Scrabble – and you have a heart for cute cat, dragon, and penguin avatars, then you should really try out the game. At first I was a bit annoyed by the blinking avatar hints. The avatar of your opponent gets impatient or sleepy, for example, when you take too long to look for a word. But I’ve gotten used to them. Once I started a second game with a friend and we got the same first letter rack as we had the game before. That was certainly a mistake. And I have a hint for you: If you’ve used up all your hints and have got no points to buy new ones – use our Word Chums Cheat to find good words!

So basically it’s fun to play Word Chums, with all its creatures and extra features that will awaken your ambitions to reach the next level. And yes, a fruit hat is a really good incentive to get ahead!

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  1. Could I plz get the names of the different levels of the game? (I.e. level one is Novice, level two is Freshman and so on and so forth). If I could plz get the names up to level 100. Also, how high do the levels go?

    Thank you in advance!

    UN: LadyKawai

    • Hi there,
      I wrote to the user support of the Word Chums about this. This was their response:
      “We have kept all of the names secret. I know that a couple of players were trying to find and makes a list of all of them. I think that they go to level 122. If you are the first figure them all out, I will give you 2000 coins.”
      So it’s a challenge :).

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