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Playing Scrabble since He was Eight – Lewis Mackay from the UK

Gerry Carter Interview with Scrabble Player Lewis Mackay

created on by gerryc

By Gerry Carter Lewis Mackay from Cambridge UK is a terrific player with a great attitude. He was runner up to Wellington Jighere of Nigeria in the 2015 WESPAC event in Perth that was regarded by most in the Scrabble community as the World Championship for that year. ”Learn the Short Scrabble Words!” Gerry Carter [...] » read more

Words with Letters in Words with Friends: Our Top Five

Words with Letters in words with Friends

created on by Stefanie Holke

Playing Words with Friends, but running out of ideas on how to score higher? Expand your vocabulary with unusual but high-scoring words with letters in Words with Friends. We explain the top five seven- to nine-letter words to you. » read more

Scrabble words: Tactical Considerations with Owlets and Auklets

scrabble words and tactic

created on by Guest Post

By Mike Corbett How do you organize your thoughts upon looking at your rack before the opening play of a Scrabble game? I assume people prioritize according to their respective abilities. For instance, those who have studied vowel-laden bingos might use a bit more time poring over a bad rack than those of us who [...] » read more

Get Inside Words with Friends Scoring

which words to take for words with friends scoring

created on by Kim Katzer

Sometimes it is tricky. You have several word options on your board and they have different word lengths, but Words with Friends scoring is the same. So what can you do? » read more

How People Find Words in Word Chums – The Five Types

Find words in Word Chums

created on by Juliane Fritz

How do you find words in Word Chums? Do you learn word lists? Or use hints? This article shows you different types of Word Chums players. Which one are you? » read more

Look at the Achievements in Words with Friends

Achievements in Words with Friends

created on by Kim Katzer

Playing Words with Friends is not just about winning, it’s about gathering achievements in Words with Friends too. There are many achievements that can be gathered based on words, letters, and even games. Have a look at what you can achieve. » read more

Advanced Speaking Lessons with German Tongue Twisters

german tongue twisters

created on by Kim Katzer

You can improve your articulation of German words by training with German tongue twisters. Professional presenters use them to warm up before a speech and use tongue twisters in foreign languages to get used to the pronunciation. » read more

The Balance between Consonants and Vowels in Scrabble

created on by Guest Post

Mike Corbet likes to play Scrabble. He is a supporter of the balance between consonats and vowels in scrabble. Why? He will tell you in his guest post he wrote for us. » read more

Struggling with Words with J in Words with Friends?

Dojo a word with j for wwf

created on by Anja Goritzka

There is only one J in Words with Friends, but often the words with J are missing in a game. If you’re struggling to come up with words with J in Words with Friends, it pays to have a little inspiration: Learn a new set of words with J with us for higher-scoring success when [...] » read more

No Matter How Bad They Are: You CAN Make a Word Using These Letters

Making wors using these letters

created on by Kim Katzer

Has Murphy’s Law hit you again with the meanest and rarest letters there are in Scrabble? Don’t blame yourself! Make the best of it and make incredible words using these letters. » read more