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How to find words in words with friends

How People Find Words in Words with Friends – Our Five Types

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Every one of us has his own strategy for finding words in Words with Friends. In our articles and with our Words with Friends cheat we try to help you when you get lost searching for a word. Now we’d like to know: How do you find a word in Words with Friends? Here are some wordfinding types; maybe you are one of them!

Type 1: The Letter Switcher Will Find Words in Words with Friends by Chance

This is an easy way to find words in Words with Friends: Just click the button on the lower right and the letters on your rack will be swapped randomly. This may cause a word you haven’t thought of to appear.

Type 2: The Dictionary Checker Looks up Every Word

Of course you can’t know every word that exists in this world (well, apparently Scrabble champion Nigel Richards does, but that’s another chapter…) – but at least you should know where to look for the words. The dictionary checker just tries combinations of letters that sound like words until he finds a valid word. Is WOOG a word? Look it up in the Words with Friends dictionary and see – in this case no, it is not a word… Ok, let’s try GOOM…

Type 3: The Word Nerd Learns Word Lists by Heart

If you have the time and enthusiasm, you can just start learning whole word lists by heart. The best list to start with is – of course – the list with two-letter words valid in Words with Friends. By the way, these words are super useful for building letter walls and gaining more points with your word.

Type 4: The Stumped Player will Find Words with Cheats

Sometimes you are completely lost, staring at your letters and have no idea how to build a word. But you’d be surprised to see how many words are hidden on your rack. Just try our Words with Friends Cheat! (LINK) Of course, you can also use it to learn new words after you have posted your play if you think that this Words with Friends Cheat is not fair.

Type 5: The Word Genius Does Not Find Words – The Words Find Him

There are Words with Friends players that literally eat dictionaries and word lists and know the funniest words – and they are even valid! Don’t feel discouraged when you play against a Word Genius – just go on and learn from the Genius!

What Kind of Word Finder are You?

Personally, I am the dictionary checker. I often just try out words in the dictionary or here on This way I also learn new words and the meaning behind them. How do you find words? Please leave a comment on Facebook or here at our page.

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  1. I play on Facebook if that is the Website you want.
    I love playing words with friends. There are two friends that play a lot then the occasionsl players

  2. I must say that WWF has opened up a whole new world for me. No longer do I sit down and have “nothing” to do. My IPad is always in my lap playing the game, whether I get busy or not. Of course I try to limit the time playing, putting my priorities in order, but the best part of my day is trying to beat my opponents. Thank you WWF for keeping my mind sharp and having fun doing it!

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