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Word Board Games for Kids

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Recently, we came across a very useful website that has a focus on educational games for children. claims to select the best educational games. Interesting for is the selection of word board games that includes Boggle and other fun educational games. Here is what you can get from this website.

Why word board games for Kids?

First of all, educational games for children contribute to their positive development. As you know, learning by doing, or better learning by playing, is the most effective way to motivate children. Especially word board games for kids foster skills like counting scores, reading and spelling words, and thus acquiring unfamiliar vocabulary.

Which word board games for Kids?

The website describes different kinds of word games in detail. Among them the Apples to Apples game: It is an excellent game that promotes vocabulary development. Children learn new words as they play and also acquire new general knowledge. The game also offers many opportunities to increase thinking skills and creativity.

Another one is the Anagram Game that is highly recommended by the website: Younger as well as older children can play these games. Younger children can learn their alphabet and how to spell. Older school age children enrich their vocabulary and keep their brain active.

Good for grammar learning is the word board game Boggle: Kids can learn about plurals (you get double score if you add an “s” to a word). They also learn about the past tense and gerunds.

One of the most famous and common word board games is Scrabble: The scrabble board game is not only a fun family game, it is also a game that can boost children’s vocabulary and help them develop spelling and writing skills. However, children are forced to deal with vocabulary that is unknown and they do not get in everyday conversations. Scrabble also encourages children to use a dictionary to look up for definitions of words.

To find out more on these and many more word board games for kids visit By the way, you will also find many more games such as history games, science games, geography games, or reading games for your children sorted by appropriate age classes. Additionally, parents and teachers get helpful advices how to learn and play with their children.

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