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One layout for every browser

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As I noticed a few days ago, I just switched the “old” mobile layout to the new one. Technically, the new mobile layout is identical with the new desktop layout. I know, many of you got used to the old layout, but after I added the preview to the new layout for mobile users, I got a lot of positive feedback.

faster updates and bugfixes

The biggest advantage of this step is, that under technical aspects I only need to maintain one layout. This will result in faster updates and bugfixes. Very often I get anonymous bug reports. I am very grateful for that, but most of them forget to tell me which theme they use. Since there is only one, it saves me a lot of time testing both.

There is still the switch to the mobile / desktop version. This is due to some elements I want to hide for mobile browsers. If you don’t experience problems, please use the desktop version also on your mobile devices. In the near future this switch will also be gone.

clear your cache

If you experience problems with the new layout, please clear your cache.

The new mobile layout also has the fast feedback form on every page, so you can drop me a line if you find any issues.


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