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Words With Friends Cheat and the correct answer

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Thanks to Jill, we found out, that Words With Friends might sometimes decline the word you build with our Words With Friends Cheat. With your help, we would like to find out, how often this is actually happening. Maybe, we can even gather some more information and help either the editor of the ENABLE wordlist to find some errors or contact Zynga, the creator of Words With Friends to learn more about that.

We are currently researching, if different versions of the wordlists are coming with different versions of Words With Friends, e.g. on your iPhone. This seems to be one possible explanation.

To learn more about this, we created this short poll. Please choose from the answers, if or how often you couldn’t use a word from the Words With Friends Cheat.

Words With Friends doesn’t accept words from the Words With Friends Cheat


Can you still remember a word that wasn’t accepted by Words With Friends? Please leave us a comment so we can gather more information and solve this issue. You can also write us on which platform the problem occurred.

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