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How to suggest a word to the Words With Friends’ word list

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Up to 50% of visitors using our Words With Friends Helper already experienced unknown words by Words With Friends. See our poll and article covering this topic. This is not due to our longer list, but to constant changes made by the developers at Zynga With Friends. We currently noticed that they deleted some words like wop or wops.

You can suggest words to Words With Friends

Many of you might not know the fact that you can suggest words to the Words With Friends word list. Of course, there is no guarantee that your suggestion is going to be accepted, but compared to other online word games, having at least a chance to suggest a word you miss is less than common.

Where to find the suggest form

You can find the link to the suggest form on the desktop version of the game rules on Even if very similar, the mobile optimized version of this page is not going to show the link.

The link to suggest a word to Words With Friends is forwarding you to a Google Spreadsheet to simply enter your suggestion. Find the direct link below.

Suggestion form for Words With Friends

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19 Responses

    • Hi Grant,

      sorry, but TEXAN is not allowed in the Words with Friends dictionary.
      That`s why you can`t find it in our Words with Friends help, too.

      greetings anja

  1. My husband was able to use the word “Corning”. I have not found it to be anything but a proper noun, in your own WWF dictionary and elsewhere.

  2. You’re right. Panko is a style of breadcrumb, not a brand name. It should be added, especially since it would give us another way to use a ‘k’.

  3. Hi, what on earth in ‘THENAGES’ pray tell? The only place I can find it online is on Words with Friends!! And yes, apparently it is accepted in WWF. Thanks

  4. I tried to enter the word “UZI” and was told it was not an acceptable word on WWF. An uzi is a compact 9mm submachine gun of Israeli design. It has been commonly used in U.S. movies for like 30 years. I suggested they add it.

    • Hi Carl,

      I think it is not a word in WWF because it is not a usual word for every gun, only for this one named after Uziel Gal, Israeli army officer who designed it.

      Greetings Anja

  5. Tudor should be an acceptable word. Of or relating to English royal dynasty.

    • Hello Lucinda,

      we are not the developer of WWF. That`s why we can`t accept a new word, that is not possible in Words with Freinds for our WWF dictionary. For suggestions please contact the developer from zynga.

      Greetings Anja

  6. I believe the word DOGHEAD is a valid word. which defines it as part of a matchlock or flintlock gun or rifle that holds the burning fuse or flint and applies it to the gunpowder.

    There are other sources in a google search as well.

    • Hi Greg,

      we are not the developer of WWF. For suggestions please contact the developer from zynga.

      Greetings Anja

  7. We should add the word Mame. It’s a fruit a lot like a sapota, from Mexico/central America and increasingly popular in Western US. You can buy it in many grocery stores in SF Bay area.

  8. Please add:

    pogo – as in pogo stick
    zig – as in “first he zigged, then he zagged”

    zot – as in the sound made by lightning in the cartoon series B.C.

    • Hi Carol,

      we are not the developer of the game that`s why we can`t add the words to WWF. But thank you for your proposals.

      Greetings Anja

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