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Obscure words that start with T

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Learning obscure words is a sure way to improve your Scrabble score and learning new words is not a trauchle (boring, hard, tiring work).  Since the letter T has been determined to be the second-most frequently used letter in English words, right after E, it is important to have many words with T ready to go in your mind.  You may find that learning words in trines (groups of three) will make them easier to remember.  Players who have a traulism (problem with mispronouncing words, such as lisping or stuttering), will want to check their favorite dictionary or reference site to practice correct pronunciation.  If your next Scrabble game is hosted in a topek (traditional home in Alaska or lower Yukon made of rock, skin, wood or other things besides snow and ice), bring along your tuque (heavy cap usually with a tassel) to keep your tragus (cartilage part of the ear that partially covers the opening to the ear canal) warm so you enjoy the tenuto (a note or chord that is held for its full value) if a friend plays music during the break between games.  If a tur (large wild ox) wanders by, stay focused on your game and keep your letters lined up to a twip (1/1440th of an inch) to help you stay organized.  Be sure that you don’t tope (drink to excess) or your score is bound to be lower than you’d like.  By following these simple suggestions, you’ll soon by on your way to improving your Scrabble score.

Summary of new words:

  1. trauchle – boring, hard work
  2. trine – a group of three
  3. traulism – trouble with mispronouncing words
  4. tragus – part of the ear
  5. tenuto – a note or chord in music
  6. tope – drinking too much alcohol
  7. topek – a house
  8. tuque – a warm hat
  9. tur – a wild ox
  10. twip – a unit of measurement


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