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Playing Scrabble since He was Eight – Lewis Mackay from the UK

Gerry Carter Interview with Scrabble Player Lewis Mackay

created on by gerryc

By Gerry Carter Lewis Mackay from Cambridge UK is a terrific player with a great attitude. He was runner up to Wellington Jighere of Nigeria in the 2015 WESPAC event in Perth that was regarded by most in the Scrabble community as the World Championship for that year. ”Learn the Short Scrabble Words!” Gerry Carter […] » read more

Playing Scrabble Online with the Pixie Pit

Playing Scrabble Online With the Pixie Pit

created on by Juliane Fritz

Have you ever heard of the Pixie Pit? This is a website where you can play Scrabble online - without the Scrabble app. Whole tournaments are played this way. We will show you how it works. » read more

New Scrabble World Champion is from Britain

Scrabble world champion

created on by Anja Goritzka

Th MSI Scrabble World Championship in Lille is over and the world has a new champion: Brett Smitheram won against his fellow countryman Mark Nyman with unusal words like » read more

Scrabble words: Tactical Considerations with Owlets and Auklets

scrabble words and tactic

created on by Guest Post

By Mike Corbett How do you organize your thoughts upon looking at your rack before the opening play of a Scrabble game? I assume people prioritize according to their respective abilities. For instance, those who have studied vowel-laden bingos might use a bit more time poring over a bad rack than those of us who […] » read more

The Scrabble World Meets in Lille – The MSI World Championships

The Scrabble World Championship 2016 will take place in Lille

created on by Juliane Fritz

Late this summer, the French city of Lille will be the center of the Scrabble world. The World Scrabble Championship and many other Scrabble events will take place there. We give you an overview of what is going to happen! » read more

Always Having some Scrabble play on Board

Scrabble Play in Hawaii

created on by Kim Katzer

Saleem Ahmed is an agronomist and a passionate Scrabble player who doesn’t like to lose. Read the full interview to have a look behind the scenes in the life of a Scrabble player. » read more

Elo Ratings in Scrabble

Ratings in Scrabble

created on by Stefanie Holke

Elo ratings are an issue in the Scrabble world. Though useful for tournament directors, there are differing opinions about them among players. » read more

An Introduction to the New Vowel Dumps in Scrabble

new vowel dumps in scrabble

created on by Juliane Fritz

The advanced Scrabble player knows: It's good to have a balance between vowels and consonants on your rack. To keep this balance, you might need so-called "vowel dumps". Here we introduce to you the new vowel dumps in Scrabble. » read more

The Balance between Consonants and Vowels in Scrabble

created on by Guest Post

Mike Corbet likes to play Scrabble. He is a supporter of the balance between consonats and vowels in scrabble. Why? He will tell you in his guest post he wrote for us. » read more

Playing Scrabble at the 8th Israeli Open in Tiberias

created on by Anja Goritzka

Playing Scrabble all over the world is a great chance to get in contact with other Scrabble enthusiasts. The Israeli Open is a popular Scrabble competition, too. Many foreign players take this opportunity to visit Israel and to play Scrabble with international players. This year Peggy Fehily and Brigitte Brath travelled to Israel and attended the event and gave us their impressions. » read more