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Towel Day

Towel Day

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On Towel Day we celebrate not only the life and work of Douglas Adams but also one of the most practical pieces of fabric in the whole galaxy!

Towel Day

A towel can hold up to four towels-worth of liquid. That is, if you give it a proper chance to dry every now and then. Recent studies have shown that any ordinary microfibre towel will require at least a few hours of direct exposure to both air and sun. If you happen to be located in a planetary system with two or more suns, drying time will of course shorten accordingly. It is very important to keep in mind, however, that it is highly improbable that a world with more than two or, God forbid, three to four suns, will provide you with enough liquid(s) to allow your towel to operate at full capacity in the first place.

The Swan Towel

The Swantowel is a truly remarkable little creature. Due to its mind-boggingly absorbent plumage, it is the only non-buoyant waterbird in the whole galaxy. Leading ornitowelogists have uncovered the fact that all specimens are both male & female.

Towel Day
The Swan Towel’s nesting preferences include closets, dryers and clothesbaskets.
Towel Day
Contrasting their soft appearance, Swan Towels are purely carnivorous. Here we see a Swan Towel preying on a european plaicecloth.

Warmed Towel Day

The Oshibori is a tempered moist towel or towelette. It is handed to intergalactic flight passengers or customers at restaurants to clean their hands/mandibles/tentacles before, during or after their meals. The Oshibori is also found in barbershops throughout the galaxy.

Towel Day
A barber performing the ancient technique of face-lifting, a rejuvenating cure during which the facial skin is folded up to 42 times, thus resembling a wet towel.

Due to the merciless taxation, most barbers hold multiple jobs, as hatchet men for example. Often both trades are performed at one place for practical reasons.

Towel Day
A “Barbersassin” performing a “shave” whilst soothing the unaware “customer” with a tempered towel (coll.: covering the budgie). In these enlightened days of course, nobody performs such acts of barberism anymore. It is, nonetheless, vitally important to check on the barber’s shop sign upon entering.

Wrap that around your Heads!

A Terry Towel is a fabric with a large quantum of loops hat can absorb large amounts of water.

Loop quantum gravity (LQG) is a theory about the quantum properties of the universe and gravity.

Douglas Adams’s Starship Titanic was written by a certain Terry Jones.

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