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Team of Oarsmen

Team of Oarsmen

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Welcome to our very special report on competitive rowing! Today we take a closer look at the fellowship of the swing, also known as the team of oarsmen.

Team of Oarsmen – Some Figures

According to Wikipedia, the OCTAD or EIGHT that form a heavyweight rowing crew either consists of male athletes with an average height of 198 cm (6'6") weighing approximately 102 kg (225 lb) with about 7% body fat or female athletes around 186 cm (6'1") and (somewhat) lighter than their male counterparts.
According to Wikipedia, the OCTAD that form a heavyweight rowing crew either consist of male athletes (above right) with an average height of 198 cm (6’6″) weighing approximately 102 kg (225 lb) or female athletes (in the QUAD scull on the left) around 186 cm (6’1″) and… well, somewhat lighter than their male counterparts.

The Coxswain & The Grateful EIGHT

The rowing team’s commander who is seated in the boat facing the bow is called the COXSWAIN. Besides coordinating the strokes and steering, a Coxswain’s role is to provide motivation and encouragement to the crew. 16th century galleys also had such group motivators who were in charge of coordinating many dozens of semi-voluntary oarsmen. This drudgery was synchronized by means of pipes, drums or rhythmic chanting.

The A-Team of Oarsmen

Rowing has been considered a sport for over 3500 years. Since then, legions of championships (pun intended) have emerged. Here is our shortlist of famous oarsmen and/or -women!

Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

Published in 1889, the story by Jerome K. Jerome centers around the shenanigans of three hypochondriac gentlemen and their not to be mentioned dog Montmorency.

Three Women in One Boat – A River Sketch

Written by Constance MacEwan, published in 1891 and out of print ever since. A book described by none other than Oscar Wilde as

«very clever, rather vulgar, and (containing) some fine examples of bad French».

The Talented Mr. Ripley (1955)

Tom Ripley, both famous and infamous for his headstrong usage of the oar.


Team of Horsemen

Team of Oarsmen Horsemen
Mongolian Team of Horsemen, from l. to r.: Otschir, Möngke, Enchbat & Damdin.
team of oarsmen ultimate horsemen
Also known as “Merman of the Plains” the centaur is the only equid known to shoe its own hooves. (However, assistance is required for the hind legs.)

Team of Hoarse Men

Team of Oarsmen
Before cinematic mumbling became a thing in the 2000s, some Hollywood icons had a distinct rasping sound to their voice. Clint Eastwood for example was so chronically hoarse that he couldn’t talk much in his early movies.
Team of Oarsmen
While being fluent in echolocation, the Batman uses his patented guttural “low frequency smoothing choke” timbre whenever he “interrorgates” people.
Other famous hoarse men and women include Al Pacino, Janis Joplin, Liam Neeson, Marlene Dietrich, Tom Waits and Eartha Kitt.

Oar-Strikken Silence

Team of Oarsmen


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