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The Scrabble World Championship 2016 will take place in Lille

The Scrabble World Meets in Lille – The MSI World Championships

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Late this summer, the French city of Lille will be the center of the Scrabble world. Starting on the 27th of August, it will host several Scrabble competitions with participants from all over the world – one of these competitions is the MSI World Scrabble Championship. We give you an overview of what’s going to happen and maybe you will even find a competition that you’d like to join! Registration is open until August 26!

Nine Days meeting the Whole Scrabble World in Lille

The Grand Palais in Lille is the place where this big Scrabble event will take place. The opener will be the World Youth Championship, taking place from the 27th until 29th of August. The main event will of course be the World Scrabble Championship from the 31st of August until the 4th of eptember. Besides that, there are many more competitions:

      • Several daily challenges
      • The German and Norwegian Championship, the French World Championship, and the Catalan Scrabble Festival
      • The Pairs Scrabble Championship (two teams with two players battling each other)
      • The Duplicate World Championship (these are games against a master Scrabble computer)
      • The MSI Online World Championships (The perfect event for Scrabble fans that can’t come to Lille. Here you can play online – but you have to be part of a Scrabble club where someone is able to supervise your moves)

Running all of these events is Mindsports Internationl (MSI) – a company promoting different kinds of mind sports across the globe like Scrabble, chess, and Go.

About the MSI World Scrabble Championship

The World Scrabble Championship is the main international Scrabble tournament. It was held for the first time in London in the year 1991. The first winner was American author and baseball expert Peter Morris. After 1991 the Championship took place every second year, but since 2013 Scrabble players from all over the world have been meeting every year to fight for the title of “World Scrabble Champion”. The World Scrabble Championship is growing steadily. Last year we saw 131 players and the hosts are expecting even more participants this year.

The Scrabble VIPs in Lille

Dave Brannan of MSI has already revealed some of the big Scrabble personalities that will be taking part in the Championships: The last World Championship winner – Wellington Jighere (Nigeria) – and the winner from 2014 – Craig Beevers (England) – will be there. Other big names are Dave Wiegand (USA), Dave Eldar (Australia), and Lewis Mackay (England). Brannan is also very proud that there will be a camera team filming the whole event. The film footage will be provided as an online stream. So you won’t miss the Scrabble VIP moves!

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