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Online Word Games Selection

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In this article we want to present you a selection of four famous word games that can be played online. Two of them can be played in a social network and the other two are provided by search engines. Wherever you may play one of these games will support you by feeding you with the latest news on word games and the appropriate tool if you are stuck in a game. Make responsible use of our Scrabble helper, Words With Friends cheat or the Word-Grabber for all other online word games.  


Lexulous, run by the Indian Agarwalla brothers, is an online word game available on a dedicated website and Facebook. It was launched under the name Scrabulous in 2005 and two years later as a Facebook application. After Hasbro noticed copyright violations they did some changes to relaunch in 2009 and called the game Lexulous.

How is it played?
Two to four players compete by creating words using letter tiles on a 15×15 grid. A player starts by using the center star, you get special points by using squares with special values. The Lexulous game ends when all the tiles are played or no player can spell a word with the letters they have at their disposal. The Lexulous player with the highest score wins. All in all it sounds quite familiar to one of the most famous word games.


In the middle of the copyright conflict between Lexulous and Hasbro emerged Wordscraper. Another Facebook application that was also build by the Indian Agarwalla brothers. So what makes the difference to Scrabble or Lexulous? The player of Wordscraper can customize the look and build the board the way he wants. Simple but innovative. Premium squares have been recoloured, the distribution of tiles can be modified by the player, tiles have no scores marked on them and the tile distribution can be viewed within the game. Additionally the Wordscraper scores are slightly different. This options grant 80,000 active Wordscraper users on Facebook who love to make words from letters.


Another word game provided by the American internet corporation Yahoo! is called Literati. No new rules, quite familiar game structure: make words from letters on a 15×15 grid, different values, starts in the center of the board, player with the highest score wins this Literati online game.
Getting started and play Literati online is quite simple. To join a game the player has to find someone to join and click the join button. You can also use the Create Table button on the left-hand side of the room-list screen, to start with a new table. Once you have joined a Literati game or created a new table, you can choose a seat and then click the Start Game button. The scoring of your words depends on the letter values, plus any bonuses from placing the word or letter on a special grid intersection. There are up to 5 points for the letters and double or triple points for word or letter values.


The chicken-themed online game Chicktionary is available on Microsoft’s search page. According to Fox news releasing this game in 2007 helped Microsoft to boost their search ratings.
The goal is to find 11 three-letter words, 10 four-letter words, 10 five-letter words, 3 six-letter words and 1 seven letter-word. Each time a player creates a word from the letters displayed by a group of hens, the game triggers a related Web search.
To get some support it is possible to shuffle the letters to get a different perspective. However, if you can not move on press Hint and you will get a clue from Windows Live Search.

If you miss Words With Friends, one of the most famous online word games, read our Word With Friends article. Your favorite online word games are not mentioned? Write a comment and tell us and the users of which one you play and what it makes so special to you.

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  1. Thanks, you could be also interested by Fundox (, a very addictive combination of Scrabble and Othello. In my opinion, it is the only “Scrabble-like” game… which has quite nothing to do with Scrabble. It is much more “agressive” and requires a lot of tactical skills.

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