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Mole Word for iOS and Android

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Dear word game friends, good news for all of you who are still desperate to find a mobile word game similar to the Blackberry game Word Mole. We are proud to introduce you to an excellent alternative that pleases you maybe even more than the original: Mole WordDiscover words, beat the clock, unlock the vault, collect gems, and uncover the top-secret Mole Word!

The Word Thief

In Mole Word an evolution has happened. Different to Word Mole the mole left his garden to steal gems and pick locks in other surroundings. The goal is still to create words using letters on the grid and earn as many points as possible. To advance to the next level, you must earn enough points to fill up the score bar before the 120 seconds timer runs out. If you do not like time pressure there is the option casual mode and the countdown will be suspended. To play the word game with time pressure press normal mode at the beginning of the game. Since the protagonist still is a mole holes and molehills appear when you do not use letters directly above, below and next to each other. Fill the holes by submitting a word that uses letters adjacent the hole.

The Vault and Mole Word

New is the vault that opens for ever 100 points you score and spills out valuable gems onto the board. This is to provide bonus letters. The more bonus letters you use in a word the more points you receive. There also is a so called key-bonus-letter that opens the vault instantly without achieving the 100 points score.

What makes this word game even more exciting is the secret mole word. That is to collect even more bonus points. The mole word is situated in the bottom, righthand corner of the screen. You unveil its letters by using briefcase-bonus-letters. If you create the mole word on your grid you will be awarded extra points.

Power-up Letters

Bonus letters are called power-up letters because they have power-ups attached to them. Try to include as many as possible in you words to use their power for your score. All power-up letters have a elapsed time. Be quick building words out of these letters. Here is a list of all power-up letters:

  • Gem: Increases the size bonus of you word. Unused gems leave holes!
  • Key: Instantly opens the vault.
  • Briefcase: Reveals a letter of the secret Mole Word.
  • Pocket Watch: Adds bonus time to the timer.
  • Bonus Star: Grants a small point bonus.

Mole Word for Android and iOS

Blackberry users will be going crazy to find out that this game is only available for Google and Apple operating systems. For iOS devices like iPhones, iPods and iPads you can download the Mole Word app in the App Store for only $0.99  (launch sale: 50% off.). Android users can purchase the app on google play for $0.99 as well.

Feel free to tell us your opinion on this new word game by leaving a comment. Is it a serious Word Mole alternative? How do you like the different bonus letters? We are curious to hear your arguments.

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