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To get started with our help for your Scrabble® game, simply type in the letters you want to use in your game and press ENTER. Do you need more word generators similar to this Scrabble® Helper? Here you can find all of our Word Finders for making words with letters.

With Scrabble Helper you can also further optimize your list of results by using a specific pattern and/or including the number of blank tiles in your search options. We will give you a more detailed look at all of the generator’s features below.

Using the Tool with Patterns and Blanks

Scrabble® Cheat highlights blanks and letters from your pattern within the result table. Blanks are underlined and letters from the pattern are highlighted white against a brown background.

Getting Started with Our Cheat – Type in Your Letters

Simply insert the letters you want to use in your game. Please note that there is a maximum of nine letters that can be used for your search.

start with the scrabble helper
Do you want to make the most of your tiles right in the first move? Just type your letters into the Scrabble® Helper, press ENTER, and then look for the highest scoring word by sorting the results either by length or by points (sometimes both are identical!). In this example, the player could use all of the tiles and play a Bingo from EHANSEV with HEAVENS for a total of 84 points!

Setting the Number of Blanks in Scrabble® Help

You can add up to two blanks by using a white space or dot. When you set a third white space or dot, the selection will move back to zero. You can also just click on the respective number.

scrabble cheat with a blank
The player is given the letters OL_IGGR, including one blank tile. The number of tiles was set by clicking on the “1” or by pressing the space bar once. In the results, the letter representing the blank tile(s) is highlighted green.

Using Pseudo-Blanks in Our Tool to Connect

If your game has been going on for some time already, you may experience difficulties in connecting your tiles to other words on the board. This is where the search pattern might come in handy. If it is tedious for you to type in dozens of different patterns, however, you can also use a pseudo-blank to show you what other words you can play and then try to find your “pseudo-blank” on the board. This strategy might seem unorthodox, yet it can be very helpful depending on what kind of a visual person you are.

Scrabble Cheat situation in a game
For the next few examples on how to use patterns in Scrabble® Help we will be using this authentic game situation.

Using a Pattern in Scrabble® Helper

Match the results with a specific situation on your Scrabble board.
Here is a list of the symbols you can use in the pattern field and what they represent:

A-Z for letters already on the board. Type them in if you want to include them in your next move.

. (dot): empty square (each dot represents a letter from your selection of tiles.)

2: Empty square with double letter score
3: Empty square with triple letter score
4: Empty square with double word score
5: Empty square with triple word score

Have a look at this tutorial for more information on the pattern field.

Move your cursor gently over the word “Help” below the pattern field to check which numbers to use.
Please note that if you use patterns, the results will be no longer than the number of characters you have entered into the pattern field. This way, you can limit the length of the results by using the right number of dots. The maximum number of characters you can type in is 15.

Scrabble Cheat using in a game
The player wants to put the tiles around the V of HEAVENS in the most effective way possible. Seven dots have therefore been entered to the left and right side of the V in the pattern field. This exploits the maximum number of characters, namely 15, that can be entered in Scrabble® Cheat. The results are then sorted by length, suggesting that VLOGGER is the right move to go by.

Using Patterns with Field Scores

You can include numbers representing certain field scores in your pattern by simply typing them in at the respective position within your pattern. Scrabble® Helper will make words from your tiles according to your settings. When you sort your results by “points” you will get the highest scoring words you can play.

scrabble cheat how to use
The player wants to arrange the tiles around the Z of HAZEL in the most rewarding manner. The pattern is therefore set to .3.Z.3…3 and the results, listed again by length, suggest they go with either GROZING or GLOZING. It is better, however, not to put a blank tile on a triple or double score field, since the blank tile in itself scores zero points. The player ultimately decided to go full mogwai and play GIZMO.

Sorting Your Results with Our Help

You can sort the words either by points or by length. Just click on the corresponding field and press ENTER again.

Click here for another example and more information on our Scrabble® Cheat – The best Scrabble® Helper Tool.

Choosing the Right Word List in Scrabble® Helper

Our Scrabble® Helper is set to use all of the official word lists. It may, however, be necessary to use a specific list, depending on the type of tournament you are playing and the country you live in. In case you have to use a specific list, just click on the little arrow and select the list you need. There are two different word lists to choose from, namely TWL and CSW. CSW stands for Collins Scrabble Words and is internationally valid at English-speaking tournaments except for the USA, Canada, and Thailand. TWL stands for Tournament Word List. It was developed by the NSA Dictionary Committee and is only accepted in the United States, Canada, Thailand, and parts of Israel. Both TWL and CSW are accepted for tournaments. You can also set the Scrabble® Cheat to use all of the lists simultaneously if no specification is needed for your game.

Want to Know More about Scrabble®?

You can also read more about missing words in Scrabble® apps in our articles on word-grabber. You may also want to take a look at our Scrabble Word List Compilation, or read our articles about strategies for interesting Scrabble word lists. For more informations about words you can use our Words Lists, too.

*Legal notice:
Scrabble® is a registered trademark. All intellectual property rights to the game are owned in the U.S.A and Canada by Hasbro Inc., and throughout the rest of the world by J.W. Spear & Sons Limited of Maidenhead, Berkshire, England, a subsidiary of Mattel Inc. Mattel and Spear are not affiliated with Hasbro. Scrabble® Helper is not affiliated with any of these companies.