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Tap or Swipe for Word Magic with Candy Words

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Candy Words is a game where you can tap or swipe to make your words. Brought to you by Delusion Gaming, the aim of the game is word formation. There are around 900 levels for players to experience. A player can choose from three different levels of difficulty. When you change the difficulty, the theme changes as well. Players can look forward to different experiences each time they play.

countdown of candy words

Begin the Candy Words Adventure

How does your magical journey into candy and words begin? When you enter the game, you will note there are several buttons you can select. At the bottom of the screen there is the gift, where you can add up your total coins. Then you can choose the play button and select your difficulty. Finally, the shop allows you to purchase coins, remove ads, add to your lives, or double your time.
At the top of the screen, you will see the number of coins that you have (and the coins have little crowns on them). You can also find your lives denoted by a heart and just below that a countdown. When the countdown gets to zero, then you get another life. The highest number of lives that you can have at a time is seven.

choosing the difficulty

If you are down for a challenge, then you can start with the hard option. Otherwise, most players start by taking it easy. The difficulty is based on the number of letters in a grid that are within each of the word puzzles. In Easy, there are 12 letters in a 4 * 3 grid, in medium, there are 16 letters in a 4 * 4 grid, and in hard, there are 20 letters in a 4 * 5 grid.

Start Your own Adventure

Once you have chosen your preferred difficulty, you are able to go right into the game. The word puzzle adventure begins at the first point on a path and along the path there are different stops that you can make. This represents the journey that there is in each level.

The game begins with a countdown from three to one, and then the letters are revealed.
The aim of the game is to make several words fit within the puzzle. The words are listed on the right-hand side of the screen with the letters being on the left. You can tap and move a letter in order to position it somewhere within the grid to create the word.
At the beginning, all the letters are yellow. When you select a letter, it turns to the colour pink. When you create the word, the letters turn green. All the words need to be created within a set time and the time varies depending on the difficulty of the puzzle.
For the easy puzzles, you will have 90 seconds to complete, intermediate gives you 120 seconds to complete and hard gives you 150 seconds to complete.

a journey through different levels in candy words

Tips to Get You Further

When playing this game, there are some tips that can help you get to a positive end. As you create words, you will find that the letters can move from the left to the right to form the word, or top to the bottom.

There are also stars that you can collect at each level. Finishing a level is not enough, you should aim to get three stars when you finish a level. To get three stars, you will need to increase your accuracy when doing the puzzle and also complete the puzzle well within the time allocated.

You may be wondering what the coins you are collecting can be used for. There are hints that you can make use of in the game. The more challenging the game becomes, the more these hints will seem like a lifeline for you. Each hint costs a total of 2 coins.

using coins for hints

Selecting the hint will lead to two letters being highlighted and showing where they should be placed on the board. The letters are revealed against a green background, though they appear in blue. After about three seconds, they move back to other positions, so you need to be quick to pay attention.

how hints appear in the word app

Winning and Losing at Candy Words

Playing this game can have one of two results for each level – either you will win, or you will lose. Whatever happens, there will be an effect on your total coins and lifeline. If you win, you will be able to see some information. First, the level that you have achieved followed by the number of stars earned for the stage, second the time that you had left to complete the puzzle. This can help you gauge whether you are getting faster as you move from level to level. The number in the middle is the trophy points that you receive at each stage. It is worth noting that these are not coins. The final number with a finger icon reveals the number of moves you made to complete the puzzle. The lower the better.

You lose the game when you run out of time before placing all the letters in the right place. No stars are received, and no additional statistics are shared.

you are game over

Advertising in Candy Words

It is refreshing that this game has minimal adverts, so you get to enjoy more gaming. This is great because it is possible to move from level to level with ease and without interruption. If you want absolutely no adverts at all, then you can choose to pay to remove adverts in the store. What is likely to happen is you get so caught up in the game and your progress that you barely notice the adverts anyway.

Finally, the Perfect Game for Everyone

Candy Words is a stand out word puzzle game that everyone in the family can enjoy. The different levels of skill allow anyone to enjoy the game depending on their word power. It is unlike any other games in this category. Players are still able to learn new words and being able to practice your deduction and reasoning skills is what really makes this game shine.
There are benefits that will keep you coming back, including the daily reward for each new day you log in. The developers promise that in a short while, the game will be updated to include other languages, multiplayer options, and even a world leader board.

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