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How to get help for Word Mole

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As many of you noticed, we already covered a wide range of topics around the famous Blackberry game Word Mole. We also introduced you to Word Mole alternatives like Mole Word and tested Word Mole versions for iPad and iPhone. This resulted in a lot of visitors searching for help with Word Mole finding one of our articles and asking their questions using the comment form.

We are glad, we can help you with some of your questions and love to read more feedback from you. But since our deeper knowledge of the game ends with the normal usage, we recently tried to reach out for more help from the developers.

Getting help for Word Mole on Blackberry

First, we started to reach out for help from RIM, the company behind Blackberry directly. We thought it might be interesting for them to have another channel that helps their clients. Unfortunately, our email to the support came back unanswered with some information but without a direct contact. Anyway, the only information that might help one or another Word Mole player was the forum. Use this link to find a lot of questions and answers on Word Mole on Blackberry.

This was not our first attempt to reach the original developers of Word Mole. We are very unsatisfied, that a huge community like the Word Mole players on don’t get listened to.

Getting help for Word Mole on iPhone and iPad

If you followed our reviews of Word Mole for iPhone you know, that this is just a clone and not coming from RIM directly. The developer of these versions is not totally transparent. After more and more negative reviews in the internet and comments here on, we decided not to contact the developer. We are sure, he is not really listening to the community.

There is Mole Word left, but hasn’t gained a lot of traction yet to be really interesting for us to cover more widely. But at least it seems, that anyone can find the developers contact details.

We are planing to cover one or two more tutorials on Word Mole. Hopefully, this will help you with a lot of questions you still might have on this game.

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