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Burble Select

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Some time ago, we learned more about this wonderful new game called Burble. A word game that combines Scrabble and Zuma that turned out to be quite funny and addicting. Another version of this word game is now available and seems to be quite promising. Changes have been made regarding the layout and way of playing Burble – Burble Select.

How do play Burble Select?

As you may have anticipated by its name, Burble Select allows you selecting letters to create words. Different from the first version where you have to swap the letters in the right position to create a valid word. Now you only have to select the letters out of all available letters in your tube to create words and gain points. I think it’s much easier to understand and faster to play. It’s also less fiddly on the smaller screens which phones have, explains the developers Charlie Dog Games of Burble Select on their website.

The rest of the rules and ways how to play this word game haven’t changed. You still have got your three types of playing modes: Puzzle, Continuous (here Classic) and Expert. Bonus letters and points haven’t changed either. Find out more about the playing modes, scores, and bonus letters in our last article: Burble.

If you can’t wait to try this new way of creating words out of letters we strongly recommend to try it out online. If you are an Android user find this App on the Android Market. It is free and without advertisement. If you complete all the levels in the free version of Burble Select you can buy extra levels.

Burble Select - Launch Trailer

What do others say?

It’s not only us who like both mobile word games but a lot of other word gamers around the world. Here you get a short overview on how these games are liked by word game addicts. Feel free to test one of the games and commend on this article or write an e-mail to let us know what you think of it. We are always happy to get you involved and appreciate your expert view.

Cool simple game. Great game to kill some time, but I prefer your other burble select game (cos of the select option instead of drag).
by anonymous

The concept of this game is very fresh. The game play is smooth and controls are easy to use.
by I

Very nice idea, and extremely entertaining. Had no issues with words as of now: even obscure ones were recognized.
by D

Cool game. I like the select option better than Burble deluxe’s drag option.
by anonymous

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