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Your feedback in February and March

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Already 2 months passed by since I answered your feedback and emails from January. A lot of things happened since than. First of all, the hangman game was published with 3 word lists. No wonder, I got a lot of feedback for this awesome game. Thank you for that. So these are the questions I receiced via the contact forms or email and want to answer publically.

Optimizing the word generators

At the beginning of February, I was asked to remove the descriptions from the word generators since you all probably know them. I already shortened the descriptions and promise to hide the additional texts. Especially for small screens there will be an auto scroll directly to the results soon.

I also received some suggestions on how to tighten the input even more, but since I already work on the mobile version aka App, I rather put my effort and time into this one, because a lot of you requested the word generator app.

I also want to thank the writer for his notice on the hard work I put into this that would never pay off. A lot of my motivation comes from your great feedback.

More letters in Words With Friends

A reader, who probably stumbled upon our article on the Words With Friends letters asked the question How many S’s are in Words With Friends. He was wondering, because he saw 6 of them in the game, but we wrote that the amount is just 5. It is easy to get confused here if you just have a look at your board and count the letters. Depending on your screen size it is tough to see the differences between normal letter tiles and blank tiles that represent a letter. So, whenever you count more letters in Words With Friends than you might expect, have a look at the right bottom of the tiles and if you don’t find a number there, it is just a blank and doesn’t add to the allowed amount of tiles for a specific letter in Words With Friends.

No DRACULA in word games

Sometimes, I get asked, why our word generators, especially the Scrabble Helper or the Words With Friends Cheat, don’t find names. In this case the question was, why not even the very popular fictional character DRACULA is found. The reason is simple. Many of Scrabble-like word games don’t accept names. Neither names of famous people, nor countries, products, etc. Just words from the good old dictionary are accepted.

word-grabber is free

I was a bit surprised when one user asked if is free. Of course it is. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive an answer on my question, why one might have the impression of word-grabber being a paid service. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me, if you know.


As I already mentioned, I recently pulished Hangman, my first online word game. Not the biggest innovation, but with the promise to add more word lists. I already kept this promise by adding 3 lists with over a 100 words each. After I cleared the most disturbing bugs, there is still some feedback left.

words repeat often

There is currently no algorithm to prevent a word from being asked more than once. So even there are hundreds of words, some players might get the same word playing just a couple of rounds. This is one of the first things I am going to fix for the new release.

advanced score system

I also received suggestions on a more advanced score system for Hangman. I never thought this feature might catch you, but will definitely work on that.

And to those asking for even more word lists for Hangman: there will be 😉

Words with more than 9 letters

The last question I received shortly before the holidays was related to the length of results in the word generators. In this case the user wanted to know how it is possible to get results with 12 letters. Here is the answer I wrote to him or her.

You can enter up to 9 letters into the letters field. You can also enter up to 15 letters, bonus squares and empty squares into the pattern field. Without entering anything in the pattern field there will be only results up to the number of letters you entered into the letters field plus blanks, so currently up to 11. If you enter a pattern, the results will be only as long as the pattern is. This is a simple example:

letters: GRADUATE
pattern: UNDER………. (15 chars)

There are 15 characters in the pattern field, so the results can be up to 15 letters long. In this case, you have UNDER at the beginning of each result followed by up to 8 letters (string from the letters)

So in this case you find one word with 13 letters: UNDERGRADUATE

If you use blanks, you even get results with 14 letters.


Any other questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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