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News and Feedback in July and August

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Even though I did have some vacation during July and August didn’t mean nothing did happen here on Let me give you an update and some news and the answers on some of the questions I received from you during this period.


During the last month we gathered some couple hundred Facebook-Likes for It is amazing how you helped us to grow the community with that. Thank you! Anyway, I always felt bad about not being able to give you anything in return or just to know more about the people who share So we decided to start our fanpage on Facebook and give you the chance to like this fanpage instead. One of the benefits of having a Facebook page is to be able to directly communicate with you. So when the server broke down, our “fans” were always better informed about it than the other visitors. So please don’t hesitate joining our fanpage and get directly in touch with us.

Server issues

During my vacation we experienced serious server issues. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to resolve them alone and the technical support was on vacation too. For now, the issues aren’t completely resolved, but we were able to stabilize it. We are not done with the work yet, but you can expect even more power in the future.

Other issues

I received very few messages reporting a problem reaching another than the first page of the word results. I wasn’t able to reproduce this so if any of you have the same problems, please contact me directly or write a comment below.

On our word-generators for word games like Scrabble, you can choose up to 2 blanks. Sometimes, when you choose 1 blank it is possible that 2 blanks are being highlighted. This is no magic, but it is simply possible that you can use one blank on multiple spots – like when the blank represents an A in the word ANAGRAM and you have 2 A on your rack.

Thank you also to the people writing me that compared to other sites, the ads on word-grabber are rather decent and not blocking the content.

And finally, despite the server issues, there was a lot of feedback like the following

This site has saved my butt many times lol….thank you!!

I have to thank YOU!


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