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News and Feedback in June 2013

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May was already a busy month. June wasn’t easier, but this is rather a happy than a sad story – at least for you 😉

Let me give you an overview about what changes we made in June. I am also going to reply on some major feedback I received from you.

better mobile word search

To speed up the mobile version of the word searches, I removed the sidebar from smaller devices on search result pages. Most of you didn’t notice it there anyway when creating words from letters so why not remove it to save some loading time.

I also updated the main menu. It got terribly small on smart phones. I now hid the menu under a new icon on the top right side of the page. When you click on it, the menu is going to be bigger than before to make reading easier.

Even though I promised it some time ago, I am not able to deliver the word-grabber app in time. I already took the first steps, met with some developers and updated my todo-list, but I am still not ready. Anyway, I found another approach to make the page more “native” on smart phones and tablets, but more on that later.

more letters

Until now, it was only possible to search for words with up to 9 letters in the letter field. During June I enabled more letters for the word search one by one to test the server load. I am now sure we can allow a number of up to 15 letters on most of the word searches.

hangman – even better now

I received some complaints on the hangman word list with the US cities. For most of you the cities with over only 100,000 inhabitants were to small to know them. So we devided the list into 3. There is now a list with US capitals, one with US cities over 500k inhabitants and last but not least the list with US cities with over 100k inhabitants for the more ambitious hangman players.

Sometimes, words did repeat more often than others and you got bored. I optimized the script now to let you guess unique words as long as the lists are or as you are playing during one session. I was even able to allow special characters in words like space or hyphens. We updated the existing word lists accordingly.

your feedback

Let me shortly respond to your questions and feedback now:

More wordlists for hangman: yes, coming soon, we already started

Hangman Solver: If there are more of you who are searching for a hangman solver, please contact me through the contact or feedback forms. Nothing is impossible.

That’s it. I spare you the very motivating messages I received from a lot of word grabbers. I also responded to some individual questions about specific word game situations or word games. In the future, you can also contact me and the other authors through our facebook fan page we just started.


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