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While studying history and English in Greifswald I write some articles here and there for The topics are about everything concerning words and language - from new scientific outcomes to fun facts and trivial infos. Got curious? You can check out my articles below.

Articles by Stefanie Holke

scrabble training hints from berofsky

Evan Berofsky Talks Scrabble Training Ups and Downs

We met Evan Berofsky, international Scrabble player and the winner of this year’s MISO, to prize some training secrets out of the Scrabble pro and talk about his view on the North American Scrabble scene.

Scrabble in Malta 10th MISO

Playing Scrabble in Malta: The Malta International Scrabble Open 2017

The 10th MISO is played, sealed, and delivered to your home screen. Read more about the tournament, its top-ranking players, and exciting finale.

Solving Crosswords with Chamber'`s Crossword Manual

Solving Crosswords with Don Manley’s Crossword Manual

Professional crossword setters, editors, solvers, and general enthusiasts all have one thing in common – a copy of Don Manley’s Crossword Manual on their shelves. Read on to find out how you can get better at solving crosswords.

Words with Letters in words with Friends

Words with Letters in Words with Friends: Our Top Five

Playing Words with Friends, but running out of ideas on how to score higher? Expand your vocabulary with unusual but high-scoring words with letters in Words with Friends. We explain the top five seven- to nine-letter words to you.

Ratings in Scrabble

Elo Ratings in Scrabble

Elo ratings are an issue in the Scrabble world. Though useful for tournament directors, there are differing opinions about them among players.

Funny Anagrams – A Selection

We present you a fine potpourri of funny anagrams from politicians, musicians and other artists.

Chutney Scrabble India

Chutney for 15 Points – Scrabble in India

Scrabble in India is about increasing numbers of players, associations, tournaments and even about hosting the worldwide championship in 2007. Time to have a look to the new trend of the subcontinent.

Word Cognition Makes Scrambled Letters Readable

Due to Word Cognition we are able to read texts full of scrambled letters. explains.

Coffee Enhances Word’s Effect

Coffee – drinking it helps us to get through the early hours of the day. Some scientists found out that the miracle drug can do much more than that. They say cofee makes words look better! Find out more about it by reading this article.

Improved mobile versions for anagrams and scrabble helper

News for your mobile devices: by now you can use and its anagram solver on any mobile device without having to switch anything manually – on your mobile phone, your tablet and any other kind of browser.