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Words with Letters in words with Friends

Words with Letters in Words with Friends: Our Top Five

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Words with Friends is increasingly popular. Which is good – the more friends you have among the Words with Friends players, the merrier the game gets. With an increasing number of games and players, however, you will want an equivalent number of wins of course. The best way to become a better player is to expand your vocabulary with exotic words and unusual combinations of letters so you will play in a more versatile way and need fewer Jokers. The enjoyable and entertaining way to train your brain with words with letters in Words with Friends is to learn our top five list of seven- to nine-letter words by heart.

If you’re not sure if the word you want to put down is possible, try out our Words with Friends cheat!

Our Top Five Words with Seven Letters in Words with Friends

Muzjiks for 33 Points

This word has nothing to do with music, but everything to do with Russia. It is a historical term and the name given to Russian peasants under the Russian tsars.

Jukebox for 31 Points

Of course you know this one from the movies, old and new. Or you might even have one in your neighbourhood bar – a music box with a selection of titles that can be chosen and played by inserting coins.

Jumbuck with 31 Points

This is an early 19th century phrase from Australia informally referring to a sheep. It can also be used to refer to someone in a more unfavourable way.

words with letters in Words With Friends - Jumbuck
Such a Jumbuck!

Bezique for 29 Points

A card game of French origin involving tricks.

Cazique for 29 Points

Also written cacique, this word is a Spanish historical term used to refer to a leader of an indigenous group in Latin America.

Making Words with eight letters for Words with Friends

Jumbucks with 32 Points

This is obviously the plural form of the previously listed jumbuck, which is an Australian term meaning sheep.

Flapjack with 31 Points

These little sweet things are traditional British cereal bars, allegedly first cooked in the 1930s. But don’t be fooled by the designation as “cereal bars,” since they are definitely lacking the healthy part – they’re made of oats, butter, brown sugar and golden syrup.

words with letters in Words with Friends - Flapjack
That is what I call a yummy flapjack!

Are you interested in packing a flapjack? We`ve found a recipe for you from the famous cook Jamie Oliver.

Just try it out!

The word flapjack is also used as a name for pancakes – as used as early as by Shakespeare – and is used this way in the US, Canada, and South Africa.

Jaquard for 31 Points

Jacquard is the word for a weaving tool and its woven product at the same time. It is designed to create very detailed and variegated brocade, which is a special and luxurious type of woven fabric. Back in the 18th century jacquard was worn predominantly by the rich and noble and the highest clergy.

Jambeaux gives 31 Points

Jambeaux is a piece of armour particularly for the part of the leg below the knee. The term originated in the late Middle Ages.

Quincunx for 31 Points

Quincunx is the name of a pattern typical for dice, cards, and planting schemes – it features five dots or objects within a rectangular space, four in the corners and one in the middle.

words with letters in Words With Friends - Quincunx
A typical Quincunx pattern as seen on dices.

Even Nine Letters? Here Are the Top 5 Words with Letters in Words with Friends

Cheapjack for 33 Points

A cheapjack is a synonym for a hawker, someone who sells mediocre or inferior goods.

Jukeboxes for 33 Points

It is the plural of jukebox, a music playing machine.

Applejack with 32 Points

Applejack is a drink which is distilled from fermented cider and predominantly drunken in North-America.

Banjaxing for 32 Points

This verb is an informal way to say that something is broken or ruined as in “the kettle’s banjaxed!” According to the Oxford Dictionary, it is of Anglo-Irish origin and entered the English language around the 1930s.

Flapjacks for 32 Points

It is obviously the plural form of the delicious but heavy flapjack – see above.

Learning more Words with letters in Words with Friends

Do you want to know more words? Just try our Words with Friends Cheat to learn better words or read our articles about Words with Friends and other word games!

And now, try our puzzles to learn the new words!


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