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Wordscapes Review & All Answers

Wordscapes Answers for ALL Levels + Review

Wordscapes is a lovely letter-based wordgame for Android and iOS by PeopleFun, and it’s as addictive as it is easy to play.

Word Snack Review

Word Snack Review

Word Snack is a cool, new, and tasty word game for iOS and Android developed by APNAX Games. Like similar word games such as Word Guru, the goal is to connect letters and make words.

Towel Day

Towel Day – Celebrate the best Pieces of Fabric in the whole Galaxy!

On Towel Day we celebrate not only the life and work of Douglas Adams but also one of the most practical pieces of fabric in the whole galaxy!

words with letter

Words with Letters in Order

Isograms, pangrams, palindromes and anagrams are phrases or words with letters, that are arranged in a specific way.

Team of Oarsmen

Team of Oarsmen

Rowing has been considered a sport for over 3500 years. Since then, legions of championships (pun intended) have emerged. Here is our special report on the team of oarsmen and/or -women!

word games to play with friends

Word Games to Play with Friends – World Play Day is coming

Today everyone will play. It`s World Play Day. That`s why we show you some Word Games you can easily play at home with your friends.

Names With Counterintuitive Pronounciation - Stiffkey

Names with Counterintuitive Pronunciation

Counterintuitive pronunciation is a language phenomenon that occurs when the phonetic rules of your first language clash with another. Mispronouncing names can be very embarrassing – and very amusing.

Picture of Brad pitt and a picture of bread.

When Words Collide – Homophony and Its Hues

Lettuce from the Editor: What else is the sun, but a night in shining armour? And what else is Homophony, than the sound of two words colliding? What tells us this?

Fine doubt for yore’s elves!

Spoonerism "Sarah Palin - Parah Salin"


At first, mankind was given the ability to speak in different tongues. But soon the tongues got bored and started the Syllabic Shuffle…