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Three Letter Words in Words with Friends and Your Daily Life

created on by Kim Katzer

Of all we know about words, one thing is that the longer a word is, the more complex it is. But, how many long words do you know? And how many short words? I am talking about the small ones, the three letter words, especially the three letter words used in Words with Friends. » read more

Make Words with These Letters in Scrabble

Make words with these letters for Scrabble

created on by Anja Goritzka

Stuck with a poor selection of letters in Scrabble like QNAYSTE for example? 'How do I possibly make words with these letters?' you say? We show you some words with these letters which are possible in Scrabble. » read more

English Scrabble Words with Q without U following

English scrabble words with q without u following

created on by Anja Goritzka

You know this tricky situation: You have a Q on your rack and there is no U in sight! But you would be surprised how many English words with Q without U following are valid in Scrabble! Here are all words in the TWL14, CSW12 and CSW15 lists and an explanation for some special words! » read more

Get rid of your vowels – A short lesson on Vowel Dumps in Scrabble® and Words with Friends

Vowel Dumps on the Board

created on by Tobias Linke

Your rack is filled with masses of vowels. This article will help you to get rid of them by using vowel dumps for Scrabble, Words with Friends, and Wordfeud. You can immediately use your knowledge to practice with our new quiz function. » read more

Five Things Word Chums Fans Can Learn From Scrabble Players

Some Word Chums words that you should know

created on by Juliane Fritz

If you want to become better at Word Chums you don't need to spend a long time searching for strategies. You can easily learn from Scrabble player tricks! They will help you to find perfect Word Chums words. Here are my five tips. » read more

Our Top Five Crossword Clues and the Right Solutions

Crossword Clue

created on by Anja Goritzka

Are you looking for the answers to crossword clues? Try our Crossword Solver! It`s interesting for us to see what you search for. That`s why we are showing you our top five Crossword Clues and the right solutions for you!» read more

How Do I Solve This Cruel Crossword Clue?

do you have a clue?

created on by Anja Goritzka

Do you know how to solve a crossword clue without a little help from our Crossword Solver? We give you some hints and suggest some different examples of clues! » read more

Anagrams as a Play with Letters – Anagram Solver as Part of Literary Play

William Shakespeare

created on by Anja Goritzka

Have you ever checked to see which surprising words your name can be transformed into? This game with letters is called an “anagram”. We take a look at the play and share with you our Anagram Solver for solving different anagrams. » read more

To Become Better at Scrabble: Learn Scrabble Hook Words!

They are very important to get better at Scrabble: Hook words.

created on by Juliane Fritz

Do you want to become a better Scrabble player? Then you need to find out what hooks are and learn some important hook words. We'll show you some of them in this article. » read more

Hangman, a world classic game


created on by Guest Post

Our How to play Hangman article explains the rules to play hangman online or with pen and paper. » read more