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Make words with these letters for Scrabble

Make Words with These Letters in Scrabble

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Stuck with a poor selection of letters in Scrabble like QNAYSTE for example? ‘How do I possibly make words with these letters?’ you say? Let our Scrabble Helper help you to make the most out of your letters and get the best possible score.

For the letters QNAYSTE you can find in our Scrabble Help a lot of words. We tell you with which words you can make a good scoring and we explain you what these words mean.

Make Words with These Letters in Scrabble: QNAYSTE


qat (sometimes spelled khat) is a plant native to the Arabian peninsula and Horn of Africa. The chewing of qat in these regions is a social custom that spans thousands of years. The plant contains cathinone, a stimulant similar to amphetamine that incites feelings of excitement, even euphoria, but can also lead to loss of appetite and, in some cases, psychological dependence.

If you need to make words with these letters in Scrabble, QATS can score you thirteen points.


Yenta is a Yiddish term used to refer to an old female gossip. The word was popularized in the nineteen twenties by humorist Jacob Adler. Writing under the pen name of B. Kovner, he created a character called Yenta, who went on to appear in a Broadway play titled Yenta Telebenta. Yenta was also used as the name of the matchmaker character in another popular Broadway hit, Fiddler on the Roof.

If you need to make words with these letters in Scrabble, YENTAS can score you nine points.


Tansy is a flowering plant that belongs to the aster family and is native to several regions of Europe and Asia. Alternative names for the plant include bitter buttons (like cow bitter) and golden buttons because of its resplendent, button-like yellow flowers. Tansy was first cultivated for its medicinal purposes by the ancient Greeks. It has been used to treat various different ailments and diseases in the past, including rheumatism, fevers, and even intestinal worms and digestive problems. Another common early use of tansy was as an insect repellent, something it continues to be used for today.

If you need to make words with these letters in Scrabble, TANSY can score you eight points.



Yeast is a common fungi, with around 1500 species currently identified. The fermentation of sugars by yeast has been practiced for centuries to produce alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer. It is also commonly used in baking as a leavening agent. The first records of yeast being used to help bake bread come from ancient Egypt. A mixture of flour meal and water was apparently left out for longer than usual on a warm day and the yeasts that occur naturally in the contaminants of flour meant that it began to ferment before baking began.

If you need to make words with these letters in Scrabble, YEAST can score you eight points.

Yeast for backing


A stye is an infection that affects the eye area. General symptoms include a lump on the top or bottom eyelid, a burning sensation in the area, and possibly redness and tenderness also. The first clear sign of a stye is often a small, yellow spot in the swollen area filled with pus. Styes are caused by the blocking of an oil gland around the eyelash. They can be triggered by lack of sleep, poor nutrition, or generally poor hygiene.

If you need to make words with these letters in Scrabble, STYE can score you seven points.


So, make words with these letters and impress your friends! If you need to make words with other letters in Scrabble try our Scrabble Helper.

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