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Anagrams in TV Shows

created on by Stephanie Napp

In our daily life, anagrams approach us on many levels. A huge scope of application is found in fiction in general and in TV shows especially. Anagrams are often used for character names in TV shows to reveal a hidden meaning related to the person or to underline a typical quality of the character. To start off with, there are two kinds of anagrams in TV shows that we have to distinguish. You can find them here. » read more


Spoonerism "Sarah Palin - Parah Salin"

created on by Dominik Wachsmann

At first, mankind was given the ability to speak in different tongues. But soon the tongues got bored and started the Syllabic Shuffle… » read more

The Pure Artistry of Anagram Tattoos

created on by Guest Post

An article about the beauty of anagram tattoos, aka ambigram tattoos. A word play that gets under your skin. » read more

How Many S in Words with Friends?

Words with Friends Screenshot

created on by Selena Smiljanic

There can be more than 5 S in Words with Friends. Read about How many S are there in Words with Friends and why it sometimes isn’t enough. » read more

Seven Simple Ways to Solve an Anagram

She Invents Seven Hints

created on by Tobias Linke

Whether you’re playing Scrabble or Boggle, solving cryptic crosswords or attempting the numerous word puzzles that you might find in a daily newspaper, one thing is for certain: the ability to rearrange a set of letters into some kind of recognizable pattern is a key skill. » read more

Word Cognition Makes Scrambled Letters Readable

created on by Stefanie Holke

Due to Word Cognition we are able to read texts full of scrambled letters. explains. » read more

How to Solve a Cryptic Crossword

Cryptic Crossword

created on by Tobias Linke

In a cryptic crossword there are a number of unwritten rules, keys that need to be known and used in order to unlock each answer, providing that you understand them and know how to use them. This article will provide you ten hint for solving cryptic crosswords. » read more

The Most Beautiful Words in the English Language

beautiful english words

created on by Kristin Bußmann

The English Language includes a lot of words that people find beautiful. These words seem to follow certain characteristics that sort them into certain groups. Some examples will help specify why people find these particular words beautiful. » read more

What is the longest word in English?

station sign of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

created on by Guest Post

If you want to impress your friends with an extensive knowledge of the English language, there are plenty of options available which will enable you to do so. If you’re wondering what is the longest word in English, here are some examples: » read more

Scrabble word list compilation

created on by Philipp Schröder

Scrabble word lists help you get better in a game. Since luck is not the only aspect needed to improve vocabulary skills. Here is a selection of word lists. » read more