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Our Top Five Crossword Clues and the Right Solutions

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Some crosswords are really tricky. We have already shown you how to solve a cryptic crossword in general. But our readers are looking for the answers to crossword clues with our Crossword Solver too. Sometimes it is interesting to see what exactly is searched. So let’s take a look at our top five crossword clue search results from recent months.

First Crossword Clue is a Breaded Dish and a Specialty from Vienna

Do you know what is meant when the crossword asks about a BREADED DISH? Well I didn`t know it before either. But with a look in our Breaded Dishcrossword solver it was clear. The answer to the clue is WIENER SCHNITZEL. That`s, you guessed it, a really yummy piece of fried breaded meat, especially veal. It is one of the most famous specialties of Viennese cuisine.

And this is how you cook a WIENER SCHNITZEL About four millimeters thin and easily tenderized, veal cutlets are the butterfly section unfolded, lightly salted, covered in flour, covered in beaten egg, and finally coated in freshly grated breadcrumbs. Then the slices are immediately fried until golden brown in a generous amount of lard or butter heated in the pan at 160-170 ° C. The slices must be swimming in grease; otherwise they will not cook evenly. While frying, the schnitzel is turned slightly in the pan several times.

Our Second Crossword Clue Involves a Fire Basket

To enjoy the schnitzel on a warm summer evening on the terrace, we need a FIRE BASKET to provide us with light and heat.


This crossword clue refers to a CRESSET, without a doubt.

Third Crossword Clue:

Unstamped Coins Have Nothing to Do with Money

Your crossword clue asks for an UNSTAMPED COIN, but this has nothing to do with money. You may find the answer to be especially nice after having eaten the schnitzel as a main course, because UNSTAMPED COINS are round and have a sweet or savory filling. It`s a dessert you will love. This crossword clue quite simply refers to FLANS.  A flan is a sponge cake or pastry with a sweet or savory filling. A typical flan of this sort is round, with short crust. It is either prebaked before the hot or cold filling is added, or baked with the filling. The filling, especially if it is a sweet one, may include custard. In France a FLAN can also be made of sweet custard, which is baked in a mold in the oven until set, at which time it may be served in the mold or taken out.

Fourth Crossword Clue:

Garden Trumpets are Nice but They Might Be Toxic

And after the meal: What about a walk in the wild garden? But you have to be careful about a GARDEN TRUMPET, which grow inside and can be the answer to a crossword clue. They might be a sort of DATURA, and toxic.


Beware! Don`t Outsmart Yourself with the Crossword Clues

Our last Crossword Clue DEFEAT WITH CUNNING means to OUTSMART or to OUTWIT. Even crossword clues can sometimes outsmart you because they are often really tricky. For help try our Crossword Solver, which will give you the right answer! What has been your most difficult crossword clue? Tell us on Facebook!






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