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InterviewInterviews with the worlds best players will help you get better at your favourite game. Whether Scrabble champions or heroes of other word games. We got them all :-)

Will Shortz – The Man behind the New York Times Crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles from Will Shortz

created on by Anja Goritzka

Have you ever puzzled over any crossword clues from New York Times crossword puzzles? Since 1993 Will Shortz has been the creator of those clues. We had the chance to speak with him about crossword puzzles and the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament taking place in April 2016. » read more

Looking for Scrabble Cheaters – An Interview with Daniel Stembridge

created on by Juliane Fritz

The biggest online Scrabble community, the Facebook Scrabble League, has one problem: Cheating! We got to know the man who works to detect Scrabble cheats: Daniel Stembridge. » read more

The Man Behind the Facebook Scrabble League

Elliott Manley of the Facebook Scrabble League

created on by Juliane Fritz

The Facebook Scrabble League is the biggest online Scrabble community. About 1500 games are played there at any given time. We talked to Elliott Manley, the mind behind the FSL. » read more

Much Ado About the TWL 2014

The title of the TWL 2014

created on by Juliane Fritz

"The loss of something once freely available seems to hurt people's feelings more than I thought it would," said Ross Brown about the copyright restrictions of the TWL 2014. We talked with him about the issues with the new tournament word list. » read more

Catalin Caba on the Scrabble Situation in Romania

created on by Stephanie Napp

This is part 2 of our Scrabble interview series with Romanian player Catalin-Eugen Caba. The director of the A.C.S. PREVENTIS in Iaşi is very committed to working with junior players. He talks about his Scrabble experience, the Internet Scrabble Club, and the general Scrabble situation in Romania. » read more

Interview with Evan Cohen: “Understanding How Scrabble Minds Work”

created on by Stephanie Napp

After talking to Scrabble legends like John Chew and Toh Weibin, next in our interview series with Scrabble players will be Evan Cohen. The linguistic lecturer is considered to be responsible for the re-establishment of the Tel Aviv Scrabble Club (TASC) in 1998. We talked with him about his Scrabble experience and why the TASC changed from the Tournament World List to the Collins Dictionary. » read more

An Interview with Shan Abbasi – „Enjoy the perpetual perplexity”

Shan Abbasi at the Toronto International Scrabble Open Quackle

created on by Stephanie Napp

As part of our series “Interviews with Scrabble Players” we talked to Shan Abbasi today, the co-director of the Mississauga Scrabble Club (NASPA Club #422) in Canada. He explained to us what fascinates him about Scrabble and told us about the work that goes into chairing a Scrabble club. » read more

An Interview with Toh Weibin – “My Role In The Game Will Probably Shift A Bit”

Toh Weibin Scrabble player

created on by Stephanie Napp

The world record holder Toh Weibin won the 6th Israeli Scrabble Open that took place from the 21st till 23rd of February this year. Best known for his record score with a rating of 850, the 24-year-old Scrabble player gave us a little insight into his experience in tournaments and what makes Scrabble so fascinating for him. » read more

From your Local Tennis Club straight to Wimbledon – An Interview with Scrabble Player Brigitte Brath

Interviews with Scrabble Players

created on by Stephanie Napp

In early January Brigitte Brath, a German Scrabble tournament player, attended the UK Open. Between returning to Germany and taking off to attend her next tournament, the Israeli Open, she gave us an interview about her tournament experience and offered tips for Scrabble players. » read more

John Chew on Strategy with Scrabble Word Lists

John Chew on Word Lists

created on by Stephanie Napp

There are different tools and strategies professional SCRABBLE players use in the game. The most essential tools next to your SCRABBLE board are probably the different word lists, which are valid for clubs and tournaments. But how do you start to use those lists? We asked John Chew, co-president of the NASPA, who is one of the biggest names among the international Scrabble community. As a longtime organizer of club sessions and tournaments the passionate Scrabble enthusiast gave us a small insight how to approach those lists. » read more